HHS adds H5N1 clade 2.2 vaccine to stockpile

first_imgApr 29, 2008 (CIDRAP News) – The US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has accepted the first batch of H5N1 avian influenza vaccine based on the H5N1 variant known as clade 2.2, which has spread most widely across Asia, Europe, and Africa.Sanofi Pasteur announced yesterday that HHS is paying $192.5 million for the vaccine, which is being shipped in bulk form. The number of doses it represents will depend on the final formulation of the vaccine, but the amount could be used to make from 6.4 million to 38.5 million doses or more, the company said.”This acceptance represents the US government’s latest effort to diversify the vaccine stockpile program to include new strains of the H5N1 virus,” Sanofi said in a news release. The vaccine is based on H5N1 clade 2.2, the variant that caused the outbreak in bar-headed geese and other birds at China’s Quinghai Lake in 2005, the statement said. It was made at Sanofi’s plant in Swiftwater, Pa.Clade 2.2 viruses have sparked outbreaks in more than 60 countries in Africa, Asia, and Europe, with human cases in Azerbaijan, China, Djibouti, Egypt, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Turkey, the World Health Organization reported in February.US officials hope that existing H5N1 vaccines will provide some protection for critical personnel in the early stages of a pandemic, should the H5N1 virus evolve into a pandemic strain. In a pandemic, it is expected to take several months to develop and start producing a vaccine closely matched to the new strain.Robin Robinson, PhD, director of HHS’s Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Agency (BARDA), confirmed that the supply received from Sanofi represents the first clade 2.2 vaccine to be added to the Strategic National Stockpile.Sanofi called the strain “particularly troubling because it is the first to be identified in an outbreak of migratory birds, which have the potential to spread the virus across continents.”Robinson told CIDRAP News the national stockpile already contains supplies of vaccine based on three other H5N1 variants: clade 1, clade 2.1, and clade 2.3. HHS has sought to diversify the stockpile out of concern that a vaccine based on one strain won’t work well against a pandemic virus stemming from a different strain.The stockpile was begun with a Sanofi vaccine based on a clade 1 virus from Vietnam, he said. In 2006 and 2007 HHS purchased vaccines based on clade 2.1, a strain identified in Indonesia, from Sanofi, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), and Novartis, he reported. In addition, he said the agency has bought some vaccine from Novartis that’s based on clade 2.3, a strain from Anhui province in China.Robinson said the stockpile currently contains enough H5N1 vaccine to cover about 12 million to 13 million people, assuming two 90-microgram (mcg) doses per person. The vaccines are stored in bulk form, and it may be possible to use smaller doses if various trials of the vaccines with adjuvants (immune-boosting chemicals) are successful, he said.”This fall we should hit our goal [of having enough vaccine] for 20 million people,” Robinson said. “If the adjuvants become a reality we’ll be able to have more than that.” He reported that Sanofi vaccines make up about two thirds of the stockpile, while the GSK and Novartis vaccines account for about 17% each.Sanofi’s announcement yesterday said the clade 2.2 vaccine supplied to HHS would be good for 6.4 million 90-mcg doses. But if the amount could be reduced to 15 mcg per dose—the amount for each strain in seasonal flu vaccines—the supply would amount to 38.5 million doses.”If we had a really successful adjuvant, it could be even much higher than the numbers in the press release,” Sanofi spokesman Len Lavenda told CIDRAP News. He said the company is working on adjuvants.Robinson said HHS is supporting the development of adjuvants by GSK, Novartis, and Iomai Inc. Iomai’s adjuvant is delivered by a skin patch rather than by being mixed with the vaccine antigen and injected.The GSK and Novartis adjuvants for H5N1 vaccine “are in a very advanced stage of development in that they are hopefully going to submit licensure applications to the FDA [Food and Drug Administration] later this year,” Robinson said. He noted that the adjuvants are not licensed as separate products, but only in combination with a vaccine. If the adjuvanted vaccines are licensed, HHS can consider adding them to the national stockpile, he said.Robinson also said there are plans for a “mix and match” clinical trial in which Sanofi’s vaccine antigen will be combined with adjuvants from GSK and Novartis. The aim will be to see if the adjuvanted vaccines are safe and if they produce immune responses similar to those of the corresponding GSK and Novartis vaccines, he said.In addition, under an HHS contract, Sanofi will be testing split-virus and whole-virus H5N1 vaccines with two other adjuvants, involving aluminum hydroxide and an oil-and-water emulsion, Robinson said.See also: Apr 28 Sanofi Pasteur news releasehttp://en.sanofi.com/Images/14178_080428_HHS_H5N1_pdf.pdfWHO report on antigenic and genetic characteristics of H5N1 viruses, February 2008CIDRAP’s 2007 series on pandemic vaccine issues “The pandemic vaccine puzzle”Nov 20, 2006, CIDRAP News story “HHS awards contracts for more H5N1 vaccine”last_img read more

A combination of cultural and historical heritage, gastronomy and sports? Well, that’s a great tourist story

first_imgHow to solve one of our main problems in tourism?The answer is simple, to offer quality, diverse, ie different and primarily authentic content. It is on this trail that a new tourist story is born in Istria – the bicycle race “My bicycle, my heritage”It is a combination of cycling tourism, gastronomy, cultural heritage as a new experience and content, ie an initiative ‘My bike, my heritage’ whose goal is for participants to learn about the history of the region and the untouched nature of central Istria through recreational sports.The Sports Association of the County of Istria in cooperation with the sports association Rog Cycling team is organizing a free MTB bike race called ‘My Sport Is Franja – My bike, my heritage’ on Sunday, 24.09.2017. which starts at 10.00 on the main square in Vižinada, and the program will be enriched by the performance of Istra Inspirita. The trail it will cross is the Parenzana route, a former narrow-gauge railway that many recreationists and nature lovers pass through today. During the route, they will be greeted by Istra Inspirit in one part, where the participants of the cycling race will be able to refresh themselves. ‘Istrian užance’ is a combination of music, dance and local ‘beside’ and Istrian customs.The goal is for the participants of the cycling race to get to know the natural, but also cultural and historical heritage of the Istrian peninsula, and for Istra Inspirit, the participants of the cycling race will revive Istrian customs in an experience called ‘Istrian horrors’. The result of this thematic cycling race will be a combination of cultural and historical heritage and sports, as a combination that will provide a different experience of inner Istria.My bike, my heritage – so simple and ingenious. It is an experience and a story that will be remembered and certainly the motive for coming to a tourist destination. It is fascinating how successful Istria is in attracting EU funds and how it packs it all nicely into a great tourist story. By the way, the entire project is organized as part of the European Erasmus + project, and other project partners are the Franja Marathon, My Sports Is Franja, the Grožnjan Mountain Bike Club and Triglav.Everything starts with the first step, so this great story about connecting trim, sports, culture and gastronomy, and I sincerely hope that this story will only grow and become a real motive for coming in the pre-season, and maybe this story and a positive example will encourage someone else to make a great blend of tourism, sports and culture, in some other way. Also, it is important to point out that not all events and stories need to be large, nor focused only on foreign tourists. Small and medium-sized events are also extremely important and make up the rhythm and soul of the tourist destination as well as those aimed at domestic visitors.You don’t always have to be terribly creative and look for some new “Big idea,” but it’s nice enough to put together and pack all the ingredients you have to get a great travel story. You know everything, content, experience and story are the main stars. Tell stories, our authentic stories.last_img read more

Valamar Riviera guarantees all employees a net income of at least HRK 5

first_imgValamar Riviera, the largest employer in Croatian tourism, has decided to increase salaries and guarantee a minimum net income of 5 to 7 and a half thousand kunas.The decision to increase the minimum wage from HRK 4.000 to HRK 5.000 for all employees, the so-called “Valamar guarantee”, the Valamar Management Board adopted today with the Trade Union of Tourism and Services of Croatia (STUH) and the Trade Union of Istria, Kvarner and Dalmatia (SIKD), which comes into force on April 1 this year.In agreement with the social partners, Valamar will fully invest the tax relief for seasonal work in increasing the net income of employees. Thus, from April 2018, all full-time employees will have a guaranteed income of at least HRK 5.000 to HRK 7.500 per month. “We are in the process of hiring seasonal workers for this year and we are satisfied with the fact that a large number of employees are returning to us and that the interest in working at Valamar is growing from year to year. In the last two years alone, we have invested more than HRK 60 million in hotels for employees. We have completely focused the tax relief for accommodation and hot meals on increasing the salaries of all employees, and we have provided additional funds to achieve a minimum income of HRK 5.000 net. At Valamar, employees are just as important as guests, and we continue to invest in material rights, working conditions, but also the education necessary for the development of their careers.”, Points out Ivana Budin Arhanić, Vice President for Business Development and Corporate Affairs.Valamar House – the fourth hotel for employees opens In addition to the increase in net income, seasonal workers who come to work in Valamar’s destinations from all over Croatia are provided with quality accommodation with three hot meals a day at the employer’s expense, and this season Valamar is opening a fourth hotel for employees called “Valamar House”.In Rabac, on the island of Krk and in Poreč, seasonal workers will be accommodated in hotels for employees “Kuća Valamar” where they will find newly decorated rooms and apartments with private bathrooms, common rooms for rest and socializing, as well as many other benefits. “Valamar seasonal workers have at their disposal continuous education and training, the opportunity for awards within 18 reward programs and opportunities for advancement and career development in all segments of the tourism business. In 2018, Valamar has secured 1.200 contracts for permanent seasonal workers and 400 new contracts for permanent employment. relationship”They point out from Valamar.By the way, Valamar is the largest employer in Croatian tourism, which this year will employ 6.600 employees and create 600 new jobs in 30 hotels and 15 camps from Istria and Kvarner to Dubrovnik, and all those interested in the job can apply here.last_img read more

For the second time in a row, a special edition of the red Michelin guide has been published, entirely dedicated to Istria

first_imgBeram (frescoes) ***Euphrasian Basilica ***Motovun-Montona **Grožnjan_Grisignana **Porec-Parenzo **Lim Bay **Rovinj-Rovigno **Brijuni **Sights of Pula (Arena, Forum, Arc de Triomphe) **Sacral collection cr. Sv. Blaza, Vodnjan **Old town of Labin **Plomin **Pula – Pola *Vodnjan – Dignano *Bale -Valle *Labin *Svetvincenat *Sv. Lovreč *Draguć *Aleja Glagoljaša *Hum *Vrsar – Orsera *Novigrad – CittanovaOprtalj – Portole Umag – Umago Under the title “Unforgettable tastes, smells and memories” Michelin describes Istria as a unique country in the Mediterranean and, for the heart-shaped peninsula, immersed in the crystal blue of the Adriatic Sea, points out that it is a hidden natural garden that slowly reveals its secret beauties. He gives special emphasis to Istrian truffles, extra virgin olive oil and wine, and then the places are arranged in alphabetical order and accordingly presented restaurants in such a way that each has a space with a description and the most important information.Monte *, Rovinj-RovignoAlla Beccaccia, ValbandonBatelina, BanjoleBody, Lovrečica-Umag / Umago – newBuščina, St. Mary on the Karst, Umag-Umago – newDamir & Ornella, Novigrad-CittanovaTavern Čok, Novigrad-CittanovaTavern Morgan, Bracanija, Buje-Buiemarina, Novigrad-CittanovaMeneghetti, Bale-VallePergola, Zambratija-ZambrattiaSan Rocco, Brtonigla-VerteneglioSv. Nikola, Poreč-ParenzoWine Vault, Rovinj-RovignoZigante, Livade-Levade What’s up Olive oil road Michelin emphasizes the Flos Olei guide and the fact that Istria has been declared the world’s best region of extra virgin olive oil, and singles out the following producers:Agrolaguna, PorečAl Torcio, NovigradBasiaco, BujeWhites, VodnjanBuršić, BrtoniglaChiavalon, VodnjanGrubic, BaleIpsha, MeadowsMate, SavudrijaMedea-Agroprodukt, PulaMeneghetti, BaleNegri , LabinOlea BB, RabacTonin, VodnjanZigante, BujeZubin, UmagGreen guide Michelin Istria Croatia – special edition Za zeleni dio vodiča Michelin je odabrao najvažnije lokacije Istre koje su, uz tri lokacije bez znaka, klasificirane s tri, dvije i jednom zvjezdicom. Tako su se među odabranim mjestima koje gosti ne smiju nikako propustiti prilikom posjeta Istri našle izvanredne freske crkve Sv. Marije na Škriljinah u Bermu te Eufrazijeva bazilika s osvojenim najvećim brojem bodova (3*), a klasificirane kao najveća  preporuka. Slijede: Motovun, Grožnjan, Poreč, Limski zaljev, Rovinj, Brijuni, znamenitosti Pule, sakralna zbirka crvke Sv. Blaža u Vodnjanu, starogradska jezgra Labina te Plomin s dvije zvjezdice, tj. klasificirani kao preporučena mjesta za posjet. Potom Pula, Vodnjan, Bale, Labin, Svetvinčenat, Sveti Lovreč, Draguć, Aleja Glagoljaša, Hum i Vrsar s jednom zvjezdicom, odnosno opisana kao interesantna mjesta, a na kraju popisa se nalaze još Novigrad, Oprtalj i Umag.center_img For the second time in a row, the famous publishing house Michelin from Paris has published a special edition of the red guide, which it has once again dedicated entirely to Istria.It is a publication that Michelin publishes for important gourmet destinations such as Paris, Barcelona, ​​Trentino Alto Adige, etc., which are included in national editions, but due to their specificity, importance of territory and gourmet offer, they are especially presented in such editions.Considering that according to the criteria of Michelin Istria is defined as a small destination with a limited number of recommended addresses (the whole of Croatia has a total of three restaurants with a MICHELIN star and 55 restaurants with a recommendation) in the new Istrian edition, the region has once again confirmed one star. by adding two more new facilities to the list of recommendations – Buščina and Badi, both from Umag. ” This year’s important novelty is that the guide, in addition to the tourist part of Green Michelin, also presents the 16 best Istrian wineries and an equal number of oil mills.This edition is very important for Istria, and its effects are especially important for the next perspective of Istria. Namely, we are already working on the 2019 edition. According to the first and initial negotiations, we will have the opportunity to include a larger number of recommended addresses or those with asterisks, but it depends on our caterers and their performance and, clearly, how they will be evaluated by inspectors. said the director of the Istria County Tourist Board, Denis Ivošević.With this, Istria again managed to make a step forward and strengthen cooperation with Michelin, which is an additional quality promotion tool that puts a special focus on the entire destination. Istria has been present in almost all relevant European gastronomic guides for many years, and the red Michelin guide is certainly a great recognition for Istrian gastronomy. “What is crucial is the fact that our space is open, that we have the opportunity for our caterers to show themselves and prove that Istria can and must do much better. We should all appreciate the space that is opening up to us, because it is enough to remember that Istria has been trying for almost ten years to reach the position of thinking about us at all, to get a chance to show ourselves. Today, we have that position, I hope we will be wise and know how to use this great chance that is offered to us, because there is no remedial exam, ” Ivošević concludes.The story of Michelin, at least as far as Istria is concerned, has lasted for almost ten years, and before that date, Istria worked for almost a decade in an organized, dedicated and extremely high quality gourmet scene with the basic goal of gaining the dignity and reputation that undoubtedly belonged to it. , but this needed to be confirmed in real life and in the market. Thus, in the company of about two thousand elite restaurants around the world, the so-called. golden selection, in 2018, with one Michelin star for the second time in a row, the only Monte restaurant in Rovinj entered.Guide Michelin – Istria Croatia It is available in English-German, and is printed in 15 copies, which are distributed free of charge and, in addition to the listed restaurants, will be located in the most frequent key places in Istria.Red guide Michelin Istra Croatia – special edition Za Wine roads of Istria Michelin states that the sixteen selected wineries represent the best reflection of wine tourism on the peninsula. Agrolaguna, PorečArman Franc, VižinadaArman Marijan, VižinadaWelcome, MotovunCattunar, BrtoniglaClai, KrasicaCoronica, UmagListen, UmagDegrassi, SavudrijaKabola, BujeKozlovic, MomjanMatosevic, Sv. LovrečMeneghetti, BaleRoxanich, MotovunTrapan, ŠišanVeralda, Brtongilalast_img read more

ECA finds Chinese partners, avoids bankruptcy for now and plans to restart seaplane business

first_imgThe company Europski obalni prijevoznik, which is one step closer to bankruptcy, received a decision from the Commercial Court in Split to postpone the opening of bankruptcy proceedings until 21 September. The court gave the state authorities time to respond to a letter of intent sent by the Chinese to Minister Oleg Butkovic on June 8 to Chinese investors, Star Jet, which is interested in settling ECA’s debts and restarting the seaplane business next season. transmits the magazine Lider. The letter states that Star Jet will invest 15 million euros in the next two to three years, provided that the new company it plans to establish in Croatia will receive 13 ECA concessions on water airports, given by the port authorities for ten years. Given that there is a restriction in the EU that non-European companies involved in air transport cannot have more than a 49 percent stake, Star Jet would enter the project with the German company Otago, which also addresses state bodies. sent a confirmation that it is interested in participating financially and in ownership in the project.Thus, the story of seaplanes connecting Croatian islands with the coast may come to life again.On the other hand, the Croatian tourist offer is finally richer for the helicopter transport service. Namely, the company Helitours from Slovenia, has enriched our tourist offer for luxury tourism with helicopter transport, and whose helicopters are currently positioned on the islands of Brač and Mali Lošinj, thus covering our entire coast, and even connecting the transport of people from / to Zagreb, which is certainly excellent news for our tourism. Read more about the helicopter rental service in Croatia HERElast_img read more

An expert meeting was held on the topic of sustainable tourism development in the Makarska Riviera

first_imgOrganized by the Municipality of Tučepi and the Agency for Event Management and Experience Tourism, EX-ALTO, an expert meeting was organized this Thursday at the TUI BLUE Jadran Hotel in Tučepi “Tucepi & Makarska Riviera – destinations for sustainable tourism”In addition to representatives of local authorities Tučepi, tourist board, representatives and hoteliers from Tučepi, the meeting was attended by guests from the entire Makarska Riviera: WOT Hotels Croatia Nikolina Misir and Damir Lukić, Jakša Medić, President of Hotels Baška Voda, Zrinko Kamber, President Medora hotels and resorts, directors of tourist boards of the municipalities of Podgora and Baška voda, as well as organizers of the Makarska Jazz Festival, and many others. In addition to sustainability, the topic of the conference included the organization of tourist events, their measurability, success and efficiency. The goals that should and could be achieved for further development of the experiential offer of Tucepi, but also the entire Makarska Riviera, are highlighted, such as timely planning, expansion of thematic content from one place on the Riviera to the entire Riviera and transparent work on a single calendar of events for Makarska Riviera.Nikolina Misir, director of World Of TUI Hotels Croatia, pointed out that she was satisfied with the results of the season and added that TUI BLUE Jadran is a new product and still has a lot of potential for growth, especially in the off-season. “The average price of a high-class hotel room is influenced by the location itself, but also by the destination as a whole, so more active cooperation of the hotel with representatives of the local community is necessary to raise the quality of the entire destination and value. Egypt pointed out. “I am grateful for the invitation to this professional gathering and very interesting socializing with colleagues from the Riviera in the beautiful atmosphere of the Hotel Jadran in Tučepi. I supported the gathering and actively participated because I believe that all participants in the destination must be open to communication with colleagues, local partners and the community, especially for new ideas, reflections, initiatives. I have the highest expectations for proactive communication from local government bodies and self-government because their responsibility for the well-being of the community is the greatest. My message to everyone who makes decisions in creating tourism policy is that they must be brave, consistent, have a vision and be consistent in its implementation. Personally, I advocate that we all work together to revive the Makarska Riviera as a destination. ” Jakša Medić, President of the Management Board of Hotels Baška Voda, pointed out and added that together they are stronger, and the market expects and demands such strength from them.It is never too late for joint projects, said Zrinko Kamber, President of the Board of Medora Hotels and Resorts from Podgora, clearly and loudly at the beginning of his presentation, adding: “We at Medora Hotels are aware of the need to develop a common brand of Makarska Riviera and we will give great importance and support to this. This was a top-notch gathering with a great moderator with a very constructive discussion by all participants – in short the event of the week! Thank you to the organizers, all panelists and presenters for a pleasant and useful gathering. Now that this small, but perhaps the most difficult step is behind us, we will be happy to continue the initiative and work more specifically on certain specific topics, so he announced the continuation of the meeting soon in Podgora. “The project “Sacral-tourist route Tučepi” was presented by Ivan Samardžija and Ivan Tomeljak (Heritage Go Pro doo, Split), and the Mayor of Tučepi Ante Čobrnić invited all local partners to implement live parts of the project that can be a unique platform for sustainable adventure content in Tucepi, and attractive to the entire Makarska Riviera.last_img read more

Tomorrow, the presentation of a unique credit line of the Ministry of Tourism intended for private renters in tourism

first_imgNamely, this is a long-announced Microcredit Program for private renters with favorable credit funds and interest subsidies in order to increase the quality and additional supply of household facilities. Tomorrow (March 27.03), the Ministry of Tourism will present a unique credit line intended for private renters in tourism. The lowest loan amount will be HRK 20.000, and the highest HRK 375.000 with an interest rate of 2,70% for loans in HRK and 2,00% interest for loans in euros, all with a repayment period of 10 years with a grace period of one year. Currently, more than 103 thousand private and family accommodation facilities are registered in Croatia, which puts the category of family accommodation and private renters in the largest share in Croatian tourism and concludes that renters have a significant role in further profiling Croatia as a destination of quality and authentic experience.  Along with the Minister of Tourism of the Republic of Croatia Gari Cappelli, the signing of the agreement will be attended by the President of the Management Board of the Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development Tamara Perko and representatives of the first commercial banks involved in the project.center_img We will find out more details and exact conditions of the microcredit program for private renters tomorrow. Therefore, the Ministry of Tourism points out that they pay great attention to this category of accommodation and the desire for family accommodation to be even better, internationally recognizable and desirable tourist product intended for targeted market niches throughout the year. As previously announced from the Ministry of Tourism, one credit line will be available to individuals – renters who have a decision on approval for the provision of catering services in the household relating to accommodation in a room, apartment, holiday home, campsite or campsite. last_img read more

The Split-Dalmatia County has launched a tender aimed at raising the quality of the tourist offer

first_imgEvery natural person who provides catering services in the household, ie registered private renters and natural persons who will provide services in the household, category of accommodation facility “Holiday house”, ie future private renters, are entitled to support. The purpose of the Public Invitation is to award grants from the Budget of the Split-Dalmatia County for financing activities and projects that affect the increase in the number of accommodation capacities and raise the quality of the existing tourist offer. The Split-Dalmatia County has published a public call for applications for grants based on the Program for raising the quality of the tourist offer in the Split-Dalmatia County for 2019. Measures to achieve these goals include increasing standards, quality and additional supply, sustainable development, use of new technologies, development of special forms of tourism through co-financing of existing, registered accommodation facilities in the household, increasing the number of registered accommodation facilities in the household, type of facility – House for vacation, in the hinterland of Split-Dalmatia County. The public call is open for 30 days, ie from February 22 to March 22, 2019. Information on the Public Call and the program and all the necessary forms can be downloaded HERE.last_img read more

Six new airlines from France announced

first_imgVolotea Airlines is opening lines from Lyon to Dubrovnik and Split, from Marseille to Rijeka and Bordeaux to Pula. Air France announced the opening of a new direct flight to Split from Paris, and Easy Jet the opening of a direct flight from Nantes to Dubrovnik.  The director of the CNTB Representation in France, Danijela Mihalić Đurica, emphasizes that arrivals from the French emitting market are constantly increasing, as well as the interest of the French audience in discovering lesser-known Croatian regions. “Arrivals and overnight stays from the French emitting market have been constantly increasing in recent years, and the French are increasingly coming to regions where so far there have not been many guests such as Kvarner, Zagreb, Istria or Slavonia. All this is a consequence of the expansion of the production of existing tour operators, but also the opening of Croatia as a completely new destination with some new French travel organizers. According to the information we receive from regular meetings with tour operators, the forecasts for the 2019 season are good and good sales trends should continue this year as well. “, she pointed out  Mihalić Đurica. In addition to numerous new charter flights in 2019, six new routes from the French market have been announced.last_img read more

In the first nine months, tourists realized 46% of overnight stays realized in the same period in 2019.

first_imgDespite a significant drop in tourist arrivals and overnight stays from Germany (73,9% drop in arrivals and 61,2% drop in overnight stays in September 2020 compared to September 2019), foreign tourists from Germany in September 2020 achieved most arrivals and overnight stays, namely 105 thousand arrivals (29,7% of the total arrivals of foreign tourists) and 1,2 million overnight stays (43,7% of the total overnight stays of foreign tourists). Tourists from Germany averaged 11,3 nights per arrival. In September this year, there were 77,5% fewer arrivals and 69,8% fewer tourist nights compared to September 2019. For the sixth month in a row, most tourists spend the night in rooms, apartments and holiday homes Foreign tourists realized 355 thousand arrivals and 2,7 million overnight stays in September 2020, which is 82,2% less arrivals and 72,5% fewer overnight stays compared to September 2019. In the period from July to September 2020, tourists realized 46,4% of arrivals and 54,2% of overnight stays realized in the same period in 2019. In the structure of the total realized overnight stays of tourists, 13,1% are overnight stays of domestic tourists, and 86,9% are overnight stays of foreign tourists. Domestic tourists realized an average of 3,1 nights per arrival, while foreign tourists realized 7,7 nights per arrival in September 2020. Foreign tourists realized 5,4 million arrivals and 34,7 million overnight stays, which is a decrease in arrivals by 2019% and a decrease in overnight stays by 66,1% compared to the same period in 56,8. Most overnight stays of foreign tourists were realized by tourists from Germany (33,3%), Slovenia (13,5%), Poland (12,4%), the Czech Republic (9,2%) and Austria (5,9%). All the mentioned countries had fewer tourist arrivals and overnight stays in the first nine months of 2020 compared to the same period in 2019. This is followed by overnight stays of tourists from Poland (16,5%), the Czech Republic (10,9%), Austria (3,6%), Ukraine and Slovenia (2,7% each). All the mentioned countries recorded a decrease in both tourist arrivals and overnight stays in September 2020 compared to September 2019. In the first nine months of 2020, domestic tourists made 1,3 million arrivals and 5,0 million overnight stays, which is 28,7% less arrivals and 19,4% fewer overnight stays of domestic tourists than in the same period in 2019. In the group Camps and camping areas, there were almost 100 thousand tourist arrivals and more than 804 thousand overnight stays, which is a decrease in arrivals by 71,8% and a decrease in tourist nights by 65,3% compared to the same period last year. In the group Hotels and similar accommodation, there were 173 thousand tourist arrivals and 667 thousand overnight stays, which is a decrease of 2019% in arrivals and 82,5% of overnight stays compared to September 81,2. Rovinj – In September 2020, Rovigno realized the highest number of tourist nights, 173 thousand, of which foreign tourists realized 92,4% of overnight stays and domestic 7,6%. Compared to September 2019, the number of tourist arrivals and overnight stays in Rovinj – Rovigno decreased (73,3% fewer arrivals and 64,7% fewer tourist overnight stays). In Rovinj – Rovigno most nights In September 2020, the highest number of tourist nights was realized in rooms, apartments and holiday homes, 1,6 million overnight stays, which is 51,9% of the total number of nights spent in commercial accommodation. This is the sixth month in a row that most tourist nights have been realized in this type of accommodation. However, compared to September 2019, tourist arrivals decreased by 73,4% and overnight stays by 62,6%.center_img Domestic tourists realized 133 thousand arrivals and 409 thousand overnight stays in September 2020, which is a decrease in arrivals by 24,1% and a decrease in overnight stays by 18,9% compared to September 2019. Of foreign tourists, most overnight stays in Rovinj – Rovigno were realized by tourists from Germany, 96 thousand overnight stays, which is 59,9% of foreign tourist nights. They are followed by overnight stays of tourists from Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic and Serbia, which together accounted for 23,8% of overnight stays by foreign tourists. Foreign tourists realized 4,4 million arrivals and 30,6 million overnight stays in the period from July to September 2020, which is 57,9% less arrivals and 48,9% fewer overnight stays compared to the same period in 2019. In the period from July to September 2020, 5,2 million tourist arrivals and 34,5 million tourist nights were realized in commercial accommodation facilities. Compared to the same period in 2019, this is a decrease in tourist arrivals, by 53,6%, and a decrease in overnight stays by 45,8%. In the first nine months of 2020, tourists realized 45,9% of overnight stays realized in the same period in 2019. In the first nine months of 2020, tourists made almost 6,7 million arrivals and 39,7 million overnight stays in commercial accommodation facilities, which is decrease in arrivals by 62,4% and tourist nights fall by 54,1% compared to the same period 2019. In September 2020, commercial accommodation facilities realized 488 thousand arrivals and 3,1 million tourist nights, which is only 22,5% of arrivals and 30,2% of overnight stays compared to September last year. The latest data from the Central Bureau of Statistics show how much we lost in September, in line with the growth of new cases in Croatia and the second wave of the covid19 pandemic. Domestic tourists realized 823 thousand arrivals and 3,9 million overnight stays in the period from July to September 2020, which is an increase in arrivals by 1,0% and an increase in overnight stays by 2,2% compared to the same period in 2019. Most tourist arrivals and overnight stays from Germany Photo: Cody Black, Unsplash.comlast_img read more