REVIEW: Punk glamour meets pop in Gaga’s ‘Stupid Love’

first_imgAs one of the biggest pop stars on an international level, the song features a classic Lady Gaga pop music sound with electronic dance and synth beats mimicking her “Born this Way” and “The Fame Monster” eras. With such a disco-reminiscent sound, it is unlike anything that could’ve been predicted from her recent years coming off of her first feature film and motion picture soundtrack in “A Star is Born.” After four years of waiting for another studio album release, we are finally getting a hint at the beginning of the next Gaga eras with “Stupid Love.” It is exciting to see Lady Gaga return to the catchy, disco-reminiscent dance songs that launched her major-label career. She seems to be stepping away from the role she played in “A Star is Born” and the songs she delivered within that soundtrack to come back to a more pop-influenced persona and sound.  (Photo from Lady Gaga / Twitter) The opening of the track has a range of electronic beats playing in disjointed vocal waves of succession to a deeper sounding, hard-hitting, upbeat pace. Electro-pop drums and the ’80s synth feel are woven into the lyrical melody, increasing the track’s intensity and euphoria. The chorus is certainly going to be stuck in your mind after listening to it. “Stupid Love’s” sound can be credited to BloodPop, a music producer Gaga has worked closely with for several years and on her last studio album, “Joanne.”  It offers up the idea that the solution to mending this detached world is to love. It encourages people to embrace themselves for who they truly are and to try to love themselves — flaws and all. But, at last, this idea that all people must live harmoniously and in unity isn’t always on the horizon as much as Gaga tries to portray it as such in the music video. She tweeted right after the video was up “earth is cancelled.” Not only does this allude to the post-apocalyptic planet Lady Gaga and her team created in the music video, but it also could be hinting at what fans can expect to see in this new era.  In one video she posted to Instagram, Gaga is seen mouthing and using sign language to say, “All I ever wanted was love.” As she crosses her arms in the sign for love, wearing hot pink fishnet gloves on her wrists, her colorful army of dancers follows suit. When the video begins, a title card opens reading “The world rots in conflict. Many tribes battle for dominance. While the Spiritual ones pray and sleep for peace, the Kindness punks fight for Chromatica.”   The video takes place in a dusty desert scene with massive rock structures brought to life by the wardrobe, colors and hard-hitting dance routines. Gaga performs her dance routines wearing a variety of skintight pink metallic bodysuits, bubblegum pink bras, silver chains, bows and dramatic makeup looks that feature chrome and metallic accents and, of course, the thematic color throughout the video: hot pink.center_img The fantasy-like visuals in the music video tell a story of a divided world parallel to the universe we’re living in. Lady Gaga has never been shy about making statements and sharing her political concerns on issues she stands by, and this video is no exception.  Singer-songwriter Lady Gaga, an 11-time Grammy winner best known for her eclectic fashion sense, born-this-way-bold persona and pop dance tracks, announced in late February the release of a new single off of her upcoming sixth studio album, nicknamed LG6. The single, called “Stupid Love,” was released Friday, was accompanied by an extraterrestrial music video that has kept fans talking and captivated by the pop star icon.  On her billboard art and promotions, fans have noticed the word “Chromatica” appearing frequently. Since Gaga has not made any public statements about the title of the album or its release date, and has yet to address what “Chromatica” is, I would not be surprised if we find out that the album’s title has been right in front of our eyes the whole time.  Along with the release of the song came an ethereal music video that was shot entirely on the iPhone 11 Pro. Crossing punk and glamour, Lady Gaga teased the music video hours before it dropped, giving followers an otherworldly look into the eye-catching music video before the full release. The clips had a slow, cinematic, background instrumental that featured a barrage of string instruments as if to transport viewers into another universe. It’s as if Gaga is creating her own mythology.  Overall, this comeback release seems to be about harmony, unity, love and kindness, all while battling to see one’s own worth. Continuing to be a captivating pop star at the top of her game, Lady Gaga is back, LG6 is coming and fans are ready.last_img

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