Cristiano Ronaldo lowers its market value by 25 million

first_imgHowever, in the summer of 2018 one of the most remembered transfers of recent times would be officially made, when Cristiano left Real Madrid to leave for Italy, to sign his new contract and thus become a new player of the Juventus A signing that, without a doubt, turned the whole of Turin into one of the great candidates to be European champions and left, on the other hand, a worrying vacancy in Madridist terms to cover an exit of such magnitudes. Cristiano Ronaldo is considered one of the best players on the planet. His scoring figures in the last decade allow him to be among the top scorers in history, and therefore it is normal that his market value, despite being 34 years old, remains high.His stage at Real Madrid raised him to football skies. There, in the Santiago Bernabéu, it was where he wrote the most glorious pages of his sports career, where he got the most prestigious records, and where he signed the largest volume of trophies as a professional footballer. Its output has resulted in sports downturn, but also in market value downturn. The latest update of the Transfermarkt specialized website confirms it again. If recent analyzes confirm that Cristiano Ronaldo bargains less than in Real Madrid and, in turn, his scoring figures are below those he used to in the white team, now, in economic terms he has starred in his third decline in market value of consecutive way. Curiously, all after leaving Real Madrid to go to Juventus.When it militated in the white set its market value was established around 100 million euros. But once in Series A, its market value already suffered the first drop, when it fell to 90 million euros. A downfall nothing important, nothing worrisome, but that now, after the last update, has undergone a new devaluation in the market that leads it to be currently valued at 75 million euros. It meansn season and a half its market value has dropped from 100 to 75 million euros.He remains a decisive striker. Maintains high scoring figures. But its effectiveness is no longer outstanding and its scoring figures are already remarkable and not excellent. A sporting context that has been directly reflected in economic terms and, for the third consecutive time, its market price has fallen again. Such is the case that it has already been established in values ​​similar to those of his arrival at Real Madrid, before his great explosion, before living the best sports stage of his professional career.last_img read more

Residents of Kuru-Kururu call on Govt to address road situation

first_imgAfter years of calling on Government to have their roads fixed in Kuru-Kururu, Linden Highway, the residents within the small village are hoping that their cries are not swept under the proverbial rug for yet another time.A member who sits on the Community Development Committee (CDC) explained to Guyana Times that the roads have been getting worse over the years, despite some efforts by the residents to maintain what is left of it.Vehicle exiting the villageThe main roads in the village, specifically through the second bus-shed, are lined with pot holes deep enough to severely damage vehicles.Several drivers have been using their initiative to make use of alternative passageways, but bus drivers are subjected to use this route, which they also have been complaining about.The second bus shed is the main access road used to get to the schools, Police Station and Health Centre.A member of the CDC said that last week the Ministry of Communities met with the team and discussed the possibilities of the road being fixed.That resident said he was made to understand that the village will likely have to wait until next year, when provision would be made for the project in the subsequent budget.While it was acknowledged that the Government had fixed the main road at the back of the village last year, which was then known as the worst road in the village, he said the roads in the front have now become a sore to the community.A villager stated, “We have a perfect road at the back, but leading to it is like driving through hell”.The residents of Kuru-Kururu are therefore calling on the Government to review its plans and have their roads fixed.A source in the village told <> that there is a popular trucker who lives at the back of the community who is known for his reckless driving.The resident said that because that specific driver owns several trucks, he was requested by the CDC to play a role in fixing the roads. However, he responded by saying that he pays for his road services and he is not obligated to provide such community services.last_img read more