Nanoparticles shine with customizable color

first_imgEngineers at Harvard have demonstrated a new kind of tunable color filter that uses optical nanoantennas to obtain precise control of color output.Whereas a conventional color filter can only produce one fixed color, a single active filter under exposure to different types of light can produce a range of colors.The advance has the potential for application in televisions and biological imaging, and could even be used to create invisible security tags to mark currency. The findings appear in the February issue of Nano Letters.Kenneth Crozier, associate professor of electrical engineering at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS), and colleagues have engineered the size and shape of metal nanoparticles so that the color they appear strongly depends on the polarization of the light illuminating them. The nanoparticles can be regarded as antennas similar to those used for wireless communications but much smaller in scale and operating at visible frequencies.The color output of a new type of optical filter depends on the polarization of the incoming light.“With the advances in nanotechnology, we can precisely control the shape of the optical nanoantennas, so we can tune them to react differently with light of different colors and different polarizations,” said co-author Tal Ellenbogen, a postdoctoral fellow at SEAS. “By doing so, we designed a new sort of controllable color filter.”Conventional RGB filters used to create color in today’s televisions and monitors have one fixed output color (red, green, or blue) and create a broader palette of hues through blending. By contrast, each pixel of the nanoantenna-based filters is dynamic and able to produce different colors when the polarization is changed.These filters, dubbed “chromatic plasmonic polarizers” by the researchers, can create a pixel with a uniform color or complex patterns with colors varying as a function of position.To demonstrate the technology’s capabilities, the researchers used nanoparticles to spell out the acronym LSP (short for “localized surface plasmon”). With unpolarized light or with light that is polarized at 45 degrees, the letters are invisible (gray on gray). In polarized light at 90 degrees, the letters appear vibrant yellow with a blue background, and at 0 degrees the color scheme is reversed. By rotating the polarization of the incident light, the letters then change color, moving from yellow to blue. “What is somewhat unusual about this work is that we have a color filter with a response that depends on polarization,” says Crozier.The researchers envision several kinds of applications: using the color functionality to present [different colors in a display or camera, showing polarization effects in tissue for biomedical imaging, and integrating the technology into labels or paper to generate security tags that could mark money and other objects.Seeing the color effects from current fabricated samples requires magnification, but large-scale nanoprinting techniques could be used to generate samples big enough to be seen with the naked eye. To build a television, for example, using the nanoantennas would require a great deal of advanced engineering, but Crozier and Ellenbogen say it is absolutely feasible. Crozier credits the latest advance, in part, to taking a biological approach to the problem of color generation. Ellenbogen, who is, ironically, colorblind, had previously studied computational models of the visual cortex and brought his knowledge of them to the lab.“The chromatic plasmonic polarizers combine two structures, each with a different spectral response, and the human eye can see the mixing of these two spectral responses as color,” said Crozier.“We would normally ask what is the response in terms of the spectrum, rather than what is the response in terms of the eye,” added Ellenbogen.The researchers have filed a provisional patent for their work.Kwanyong Seo, a postdoctoral fellow in electrical engineering at SEAS, also contributed to the research. The work was supported by the Center for Excitonics at MIT, an Energy Frontier Research Center funded by the Office of Basic Energy Sciences in the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Science; and Zena Technologies. In addition, the research team acknowledges the Center for Nanoscale Systems at Harvard for fabrication work.last_img read more

Not Your Father’s EMC

first_imgLooking back at press coverage coming out of EMC World last week there’s one phrase that pops up time and time again – “Not your father’s EMC”. This clearly struck a chord with many of our customers and employees alike and a number of you have asked me for more.First of all, there are many great things about EMC that don’t need to change! There is a great heritage inside the company of doing what it takes to the keep customers happy… we have great relationships with many of the world’s largest companies and governments… and we have an expansive best-of-breed technology portfolio.But the world is changing.The way products will be built, evaluated, marketed, sold, used, serviced and supported is different in the 3rd platform. These changes force us to reevaluate everything we know about the traditional product lifecycle.Let’s start with building products. EMC’s traditional products – storage arrays – will be used for many years to come underneath traditional data center applications, Oracle databases and the like. But for new 3rd platform applications, much of the value within the infrastructure will be delivered entirely through software… running on common off-the-shelf hardware. We believe that much of this software will be created using community-based development – “open source.”The benefits to the customer are clear – more features, more quickly, without lock-in. “And free?” I hear you say. Not necessarily. I still believe that most customers will want to buy a complete working system (hardware + software + service) and for that they will be happy to pay. I do not believe we are heading back to a world where organizations buy component parts to spend days and weeks doing self-assembly.With that in mind, last week, we announced the CoprHD open source project, essentially a release of the ViPR Controller source code into the community. I’ve been very clear that this project is merely the first we’ve picked and it is a part of a much more expansive open source effort you’ll see roll out over the next year.Releasing the intellectual property of one of EMC’s mainstream products into the world of open source is not something we’ve ever done before. It’s a first – this is clearly not your fathers’ EMC.Next, evaluating products. I’ve long believed that the people who evaluate and use our products are not the people who buy them. Usually the ‘buying’ is done by corporate procurement. As the infrastructure world moves increasingly toward software it should be much easier for folks who evaluate and use our software to simply download the binaries and get going. They should not have to wait for a license agreement to be in place before doing so.With that in mind, last week, we announced the free download of ScaleIO – a software-defined block storage offering. It isn’t time-bombed. It isn’t feature-limited. It’s free for non-production use. Our belief is that if the users of our software like it, then they’ll recommend it and their procurement team will buy it for production use. Like open source, you should consider this free download as merely a first step and look forward to a much more expansive set of downloads over the next year.Releasing unlimited, full featured commercial software onto for free download is not something we’ve ever done before. It’s a first – this is clearly not your fathers’ EMC.But we’re not stopping there.  We’re moving aggressively towards online/social marketing, quoting and transacting through our web store, publishing our product documentation so it’s searchable by Google, educating through MOOCs and supporting through online discussion forums and communities. The goal? To eliminate as much friction as possible at every stage in the product lifecycle – making it easier for our customers and our partners to interact with EMC.Three years from now, I expect some parts of EMC will be the same as today, but many parts will look and feel very different from what we’ve always known. We’ll have the same high standard for quality, close relationships with customers, and we will continue to be a trusted place where people send their data for safe keeping, because their data is going to be their business. Those are the traits we want to keep. But the way we develop our products, the way we release our products, the way we sell them and the way we market them will be different. In the coming months and years, we’re going to adopt more digital techniques to give our customers the kind of experience they want. And that experience will not be your father’s EMC.last_img read more

Dylis Croman & Amra-Faye Wright Return to Chicago

first_img Amra-Faye Wright Chicago Star Files from $49.50 Related Showscenter_img View Comments Dylis Croman in ‘Chicago'(Photo: Jeremy Daniel) Hotcha! Dylis Croman and Amra-Faye Wright will return to Broadway’s Chicago as Roxie and Velma, respectively, on November 28. The duo step in for Veronica Dunne and Lana Gordon at the Ambassador Theatre.Croman has been a Chicago family member for more than eight years; her other Broadway and tour credits include In Your Arms, A Chorus Line, Movin’ Out, Sweet Charity, Oklahoma, Thou Shalt Not and Fosse. On screen she has been seen in Guiding Light and Smash. Wright has played Velma on five continents (the only actress in Chicago history to have done so); additional stage credits include Footloose, Grease and A Chorus Line.Chicago also currently stars Paul Alexander Nolan as Billy Flynn, Raymond Bokhour as Amos Hart, NaTasha Yvette Williams as Matron “Mama” Morton and R. Lowe as Mary Sunshine. Mel B is set to join the show as Roxie on December 28; Croman will depart the production on December 27.last_img read more

The value of distributed leadership at credit unions

first_imgRegulations, cyber security, EMV migration, low interest rates, technology and competition. These are just a few of the issues concerning community-based financial institutions as they strive to be competitive or make the transition to becoming a larger institution. With all of that on their plates, I am nonetheless dismayed that one crucial area that lacks attention in a credit union’s quest for success is how to maintain a level of leadership that is capable of guiding it for the long-term.Don’t get me wrong, there are countless examples of credit unions that put a lot of time and effort into searching for and recruiting individuals with certain qualifications to fill specific roles when there is an opening due to a retirement or resignation. But when it comes to effectively distributing leadership throughout the organization consistently – and having a plan to ensure a legacy of long-term leadership – the anecdotes are more difficult to uncover.The precedent begins at the topLet’s begin at the very top. In today’s rapidly changing business and regulatory environment, credit unions need strong board leadership that represents the membership, is knowledgeable about key issues that are concerning to regulators and is committed to the credit union’s long-term strategic direction. While maintaining board membership with this level of expertise and involvement takes a commitment and on-going planning by both existing internal and external leadership, failure to do so can result in costly consequences.My advice to credit unions of all sizes is to look at the existing board roster and determine if this important leadership segment reflects the current member profile or represents who the organization served 20 years ago. Do members have a thorough understanding of the technology and compliance issues facing the credit union? Do they have the financial knowledge and skill necessary to make prudent business decisions that can affect long-term viability? Do they have an appreciation for the next generation of members and the solutions they are likely to see as valuable?Depending on how you answer these questions, it may be time to think about how board members are evaluated, what educational opportunities are available or need to be provided, and whether or not it may be time to think about instituting necessary changes in order to maintain strong leadership at the top.Are the folks that “got you here” capable of “getting you there”?A common dilemma I frequently see when counseling clients is when the leadership needs of an organization gradually exceed the capabilities of its current management. For instance, while an entrepreneurial CEO, budding CFO or capable controller did an outstanding job of getting a new start-up on the map, as the organization grows the skills that were effective in the beginning are no longer applicable or scalable as the challenges increase and the risks become greater. This can be especially troubling if existing leadership is entrenched in the idea that their way of doing business or their vision for the organization’s future is the only one that matters.If allowed to continue, this situation prevents the creation of a more productive work environment, hinders talented staff from reaching their potential and creates unnecessary attrition – which can ultimately lead to a loss of members if the level of service declines or the credit union fails to keep up with service options provided by competitors.Strengthening the chain of commandAnother – and perhaps longer term – dimension of the equation is the need for leadership development beyond the C-Suite as a credit union grows. Maintaining a strong presence in the market or fulfilling a strategic goal of growth occurs more organically when leadership talent is developed internally with people who are familiar with the organization and its members. This includes people in middle management – along with others who possess leadership potential – who are working “in the trenches” every day, who are committed to the mission, vision and values of the credit union, and who can effectively serve as examples to those employees who are in contact with members on a daily basis.When working with clients who are interested in building collaborative environments, I tell them it is their responsibility to actively share what they know, communicate what they expect and in every way possible instill their vision for the credit union’s future in the people who are likely to pass it along to their co-workers. Otherwise, management becomes the bottleneck that stifles leadership development, blocks the flow of ideas from the folks who are most connected to what members are saying and slows the organization’s ability to be nimble in an ever-changing environment.There will be times when allowing less experienced managers to make leadership decisions will lead to a mistake or two. However, you have to be able to trust your people to take actions based on the credit union’s mission, vision and values to serve your members’ needs.Two heads are better than oneSo the next time you find yourself in a situation where a decision needs to be made – whether the situation is beyond your span of control or comfort zone, or requires more time than you have available – I encourage you to consider involving others in the decision-making process. As the old saying goes, two heads are better than one; especially when both of them are well-informed. 45SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Keith Hughey Keith joined JMFA in 2012, with more than 35 years of consulting and managerial experience. Until founding his own practice, J. Keith Hughey Company in 2008, he was a principal … Web: Detailslast_img read more

Collaboration power

first_imgIn 2017, during the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, $3 billion asset Credit Human Federal Credit Union in San Antonio needed to provide members with pre-approved, short-term emergency funds. It found the answer in a credit union service organization (CUSO).The CUSO, QCash, offers a cloud-based payday loan alternative, says CEO Ben Morales. The credit union wasn’t looking to generate loans or fee income. It simply wanted to give members instant access to funds.“They wanted to automate and make their preapproved loan process more efficient,” he says. “Our engine does that well. So we made some adjustments to our system and built in some new capabilities, and we were able to help them.”The takeaway: Technology and collaboration make credit unions stronger, individually and collectively, Morales says. “If you’re part of a CUSO, the tide raises all boats.” continue reading » 4SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

Russia reports record number of new virus deaths

first_imgTopics : The strongman leader of Russia’s southern Chechnya region, Ramzan Kadyrov, was receiving treatment for a suspected coronavirus infection, news agencies reported Thursday citing sources, though his aides did not confirm it.One of Russia’s most high-profile virus cases, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, returned to work this week after receiving treatment for the illness in hospital.Overall, 99,825 people in Russia are no longer infected with coronavirus, health officials said Friday.Authorities have said the situation is stabilizing and half a million industrial and construction workers have been allowed to return to work in Moscow. Russia has recorded far fewer deaths than other countries with large outbreaks, but critics have cast doubt on the low official mortality rate and accused authorities of under-reporting to play down the scale of the crisis.Russian health officials say one of the reasons the count is lower than in the United States and parts of western Europe is that only deaths directly caused by the virus are being included.center_img Russia on Friday reported its highest ever daily coronavirus death toll of 150, even though the number of new infections fell below 9,000 for the third day in a row.Health officials reported a total of 3,249 deaths and 326,448 cases, the second-highest number of infections in the world after the United States. There were 8,894 new cases in the last 24 hours, according to a government tally, while 7,144 people recovered.last_img read more

El Gobernador Wolf promulga un decreto para crear la Comisión Asesora Ciudadana de la Policía Estatal de Pennsylvania

first_img July 17, 2020 SHARE Email Facebook Twitter Criminal Justice Reform,  Español,  Press Release,  Public Safety En el día de la fecha y para continuar con la promoción de las reformas significativas a las fuerzas del orden público, el Gobernador Tom Wolf promulgó un decreto que crea la Comisión Asesora Ciudadana de la Policía Estatal de Pennsylvania. Esto promueve en mayor medida las acciones tendientes a abordar la reforma de las fuerzas del orden público y la rendición de cuentas que anunció en junio y el primero de dos proyectos de ley de reforma policial que promulgó el martes.“Mi administración está comprometida a realizar reformas bipartitas en materia de justicia penal que sean justas e inclusivas y apoyen la seguridad pública”, dijo el Gobernador Wolf. “Mi decreto nos hace involucrar más en el abordaje de las fallas sistémicas que han creado inequidades y desconfianza en la ciudadanía respecto de las fuerzas del orden público. Espero que la comisión mejore la relación que existe entre la policía y las comunidades y que fortalezca la responsabilidad del personal de las fuerzas del orden público”.La creación de la comisión surgió de las inquietudes planteadas por los residentes y en conversaciones que el Gobernador Wolf mantuvo con miembros del Caucus Negro Legislativo de Pennsylvania y líderes de las comunidades negras en Philadelphia y Harrisburg tras la muerte de George Floyd mientras estaba bajo custodia de la policía de Minneapolis.El decreto indica que el compromiso y la participación de los ciudadanos son esenciales para ayudar al estado a asumir el compromiso de identificar las reformas necesarias a nivel sistema para promover la transparencia, la equidad y la rendición de cuentas que involucran a los organismos de las fuerzas del orden público estatal.El máximo objetivo de la nueva comisión es mejorar las prácticas policiales dentro de los organismos de las fuerzas del orden público bajo la jurisdicción del Gobernador mediante el análisis de los eventos y la realización de revisiones de políticas, prácticas y procedimientos. La comisión, establecida en la Oficina del Inspector General del Estado, estará compuesta por 15 miembros designados por el Gobernador, incluido un representante de cada una de las áreas geográficas de las tropas actuales de la Policía del Estado de Pennsylvania, y específicamente de las áreas de la jurisdicción principal de la Policía del Estado de Pennsylvania, y seis miembros más elegidos de la ciudadanía en general.La comisión estará presidida por el Subinspector General de Supervisión de las Fuerzas del Orden Público, un nuevo puesto y oficina en la Oficina del Inspector General del Estado para los cuales el estado está realizando una búsqueda a nivel general. Los solicitantes interesados pueden encontrar las ofertas de trabajo aquí.El Subinspector General supervisará al personal en cuanto a las investigaciones de presuntos fraudes, despilfarro, mala conducta y abuso dentro de los organismos de las fuerzas del orden público bajo la jurisdicción del Gobernador y actuará como Presidente de la nueva comisión.La comisión está autorizada para examinar los hallazgos de investigación internos de los organismos en cuestión relacionadas con acusaciones e incidentes respecto del uso de la fuerza y la acción policial basada en el prejuicio, incluidos los tiroteos que involucran a la policía y que resultan en lesiones o muerte de civiles, y para preparar un informe si fuera necesario.“Deseo que con la información de esta comisión, los organismos de las fuerzas del orden público estatales puedan servir como un modelo de excelencia en todo Pennsylvania y el país”, dijo el Gobernador Wolf.Lea el decreto aquí.View this information in English.center_img El Gobernador Wolf promulga un decreto para crear la Comisión Asesora Ciudadana de la Policía Estatal de Pennsylvanialast_img read more

Adulting is easy when you live in a full size treehouse

first_img109 Camelot Close, Daintree, has a network of stone sculptures spread through the property including this Easter Island style head near the guesthouse.HUMP day might be tough but “adulting” is easy when you live in a full size Queensland treehouse in one of the world’s oldest rainforests — with fairies, mermaids and warriors in the garden.The Rainforest Hideaway sits in the Daintree rainforest at Cape Tribulation in Far North Queensland, offering not just a home but a source of income too.Agent Mark Whitham of Raine & Horne Port Douglas Mossman described it as a “superb rainforest hideaway”. What a charming barbecue spot. Big property changes starting July 1 Inside absurd $250 million mansion Tide has turned for Brisbane apartments For starters, the property has its own “self contained jungle treehouse” for adults.“Pictures tell a thousand words and you will see just how amazing this treehouse is,” was his take. “A generous sized jungle hut is also available for guests with large open living area can and has its own timber deck looking out into superb rainforest. All guest rooms have basic cooking facilities, jungle hut and bungalow have a gas BBQ.” Beautiful spot to contemplate nature.The five bedroom, four bathroom, four car space property is located at 109 Camelot Close, Daintree, in Far North Queensland. FOLLOW SOPHIE FOSTER ON FACEBOOK Great spot for winter by that fireplace.“All tracks eventually lead to the beautiful rainforest creek via the grand staircase. There is even an extremely creative and inviting 9 hole mini golf course,” was how the agent listed the property.The entire business is solar powered so guests can live off-grid, Mr Whitham said. There are sculptures all along the network of trails around the property.“In all my years of real estate I have not seen another property which has so much on offer. The incredible warm feel of this magnificent place is overwhelming … It truly is a fantastic offering and a great lifestyle business.” More from newsParks and wildlife the new lust-haves post coronavirus18 hours agoNoosa’s best beachfront penthouse is about to hit the market18 hours agoThe treehouse is full size and fully functional.The property includes “a network of trails dotted with incredible sculptures” that link all the buildings throughout the property including sculptures of Easter Island heads, mermaids, fairies in the garden, bench seats that blend into the earth — a veritable walkers’ wonderland. Fairies in the garden.Mr Whitham said the owners “serious about selling”.“In a nutshell the current owners have enjoyed 17 years creating and living this advantaged lifestyle business. Property is priced for land and improvements only and the holiday let income stream is an added bonus. Full training will be provided to the next lucky owners.”last_img read more

Could this be your own resort in the suburbs?

first_imgDid someone say Bali?A HOUSE with a pool that could rival the lagoon at Southbank was Queensland’s most drooled over property this week.And it is easy to see why. Even the llamas appear to be smiling.Located at 135 Highwood Road at The Gap, the five bedroom Colonial-style house was built by its current owners, who bought the sprawling 4.2 hectare block neighbouring the Brisbane State Forest back in 2003.MORE NEWS: The $300,000 suburbs on the verge of extinctionMORE NEWS: Million dollar Queenslander rescueThe lagoon-style pool is impressiveIt even has its own swim-up barThe house itself has featured in numerous design magazines, and spans two levels.But it is outside that it smacks of the Bali feels.There is a 150,000L resort-style, saltwater, lagoon pool complete with its own swim-up bar, and a Balinese hut for chillaxing, all framed by palms and native flora.There is also a full-sized, floodlight-lit tennis court for smacking around a few balls between mai tais.The tennis courtBack inside the house, the lower level is home to three bedrooms, a media room, rumpus, craft room and a laundry.More from newsParks and wildlife the new lust-haves post coronavirus13 hours agoNoosa’s best beachfront penthouse is about to hit the market13 hours agoThere is also a huge garage and plenty of storage.Upstairs, there is a study, a guest room and a huge master bedroom with a walk-thru wardrobe, an ensuite that features a large, glass-walled dual shower, claw foot bath, toilet and double-sink and access to the deck.Here are some happy llamas at the propertyAlso on this floor is the open plan living spaces which feature striking timber work, arches, period ceiling lights, classic wall switches and more.That wardrobe would make anyone happyThe country-style kitchen has Colonial cabinetry quartz benchtops and fixtures, complete with a butler’s pantry and sought-after.A formal lounge-dining room, and casual dining and family areas adjoin the kitchen. Other features include an additional two-car garage or shed, private and secure entrance gates with remote control, two huge water tanks, a VacuMaid ducted vacuum system and a Geochron World Clock in the kitchen.It is listed with Harcourts Solutions The Gap.last_img read more

CMA CGM to Set Up Its Own Start-Up Incubator

first_img CMA CGM resumes calls to Beirut CMA CGM takes delivery of world’s largest LNG-powered vessel View post tag: start-up Digital naming ceremony held for CMA CGM’s 23,000 TEU behemoth Categories: List of related news articles Posted: about 1 month ago Posted: 20 days ago Posted: 5 days ago Related news French container shipping company CMA CGM is planning to create its own start-up incubator in Marseilles, and to attract start-ups from around the world, Rodolphe Saadé, CEO of CMA CGM, announced at the Salon des Entrepreneurs trade fair in Marseilles.“With this project, CMA CGM wishes to play a leading role not only in the economic development of the territory but also in the development of start-ups. “The incubator complements the group’s digital ecosystem to accelerate its transformation and benefit from the best in the world, in the interests of our customers, the society, and the territory,” Saadé said.CMA CGM said that the project complements its various initiatives, including support for the Carburateur, the incubator for the northern districts of Marseilles, along with partnerships with Aix Marseille French Tech, a digital innovation player, The Camp, a campus bringing together companies, start-ups, teachers and researchers, and Infosys, a global IT company, to accelerate the transformation of its information system.This also complements the initiatives implemented through the corporate ventures fund, CMA CGM Ventures, the company added. View post tag: CMA CGM Posted: 5 days ago As the operational situation in the Port of Beirut is now back to normal again, French shipping maj… CMA CGM boosts profitability despite volume slowdown Categories:center_img Vessels Posted: 5 days ago Share this article Posted: 20 days ago Vessels During the second quarter of this year, French container shipping major CMA CGM improved profitabili… Business & Finance French shipping group CMA CGM has taken the delivery of its first 23,000 TEU containership, the worl… A first-of-its-kind digital naming ceremony was held today for the 23,000 TEU CMA CGM Jacques Saade,… Categories: Operations & Maintenance Posted: about 1 month ago Categories: Posted: 5 days agolast_img read more