Use Of Ticket Bots Officially Outlawed Under New Legislation Passed By Congress

first_imgScore one for ticket buyers across the country, as the United States Congress has just passed a new law into legislation banning the use of ticket bots. With the State of New York having just passed a similar bill, this is a major win for the thousands of ticket buyers that fall victim to the shady practice on a yearly basis. The new bill is awaiting a signature from President Obama, which he is expected to sign.New York Governor Signs Law Making It A Crime For Scalpers To Use Ticket Bot SoftwareWith literally hundreds of thousands of tickets being scooped up by ticket brokers, to then be resold for many times double or triple the price on a third party site (StubHub, VividSeats, and more), this news is a major blow to an industry that thrives on screwing potential ticket purchasers from buying face value tickets. According to the bill, the use of the ticket bot software is deemed an “unfair and deceptive practice” under the Federal Trade and Commission Act.Republican Senator Jerry Moran of Kansas, who sponsored the bill, explained the new law would “level the playing field” for average fans attempting to buy tickets. He went on to say “The need to end this growing practice is reflected in the bill’s widespread support.” We wonder what concert tickets he got screwed on?Regardless, this ticket bot practice had to be put to an end. If the choice of paying $200 to a broker site for a $50 ticket is the only way to witness your favorite music act, sports team, or musical, isn’t a crime, then what is?[via Associated Press]last_img

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