Luna Light Festival Offers Diverse Music And Beautiful Visual Arts [Review/Gallery]

first_imgOctober is usually the end of festival season, however, the beautiful grounds of Camp Ramblewood in Darlington, Maryland held one of the last great festivals of the season. Luna Light Music & Arts Festival was a delight for not only the ears, but the eyes as well. Visual artist displays were set up throughout the grounds, as well as within the buildings where the various stages were set up. Some artists even did their work while the music was blasting in the background.One of the most incredible visual displays enjoyed by attendees all weekend was the art set up down by the Incendia stage that lit up as the sun went down. Appearing like thin strings of yarn overhead, festival goers could wander and sit underneath the beautiful display full of various colors, creating a wonderment to the eyes. Nearby was yet another hypnotizing display that was full of fire. The Incendia dome displayed rolling fire and throws of flame above and along the sides of the dome, as attendees watched mesmerized below. These visuals, combined with the EDM acts that performed all weekend on the stage nearby, made for one hell of a nonstop party by the pond all weekend. The combination of art, featuring works by Amanda Sage, Kurt Redeker, and Chris Dyer, to name a few, and music, was simply a stunning emotion to the senses. Throw in the gorgeous harvest moon that was high in the sky and it made for an absolutely perfect weekend to end festival season.Luna Light was also crammed with activities throughout the weekend, as well as an art gallery that could be walked at leisure. Workshops were held throughout the day, every day. Interesting topics included everything from yoga to discussing vegetarianism to watching midnight movies. Artwork was everywhere on the grounds, not only in canvas form, but as sculpture displays and light visuals that were a delight to the eyes. The intertwining of art and music was symbiotic perfection for this early fall festival. In addition, fire pits were ablaze in the evenings, with the smell of wood smoke drawing warmth as the chill in the air grew while darkness wore on.As for the music, a wide range of acts took to the stage the entire weekend. Friday highlights included Teddy Midnight being joined by the Snarky Puppy horns, and Lespecial performing Ween’s “Voodoo Lady,” as well as “Groundhog’s Day” by Primus. Rocking acts by American Babies, as well as a packed house for Dopapod really got the weekend off to a smashing start.Wobblesauce opened up the Saturday festivities at the main stage. Trippy waves of smooth tones built as they eased into their set with a brand new tune, “Bad Kitty”, drawing the crowd in with their electric vibes. Guitarist, Mike Hallock busted into a tight guitar jam midway through the opener. They were having a blast on stage throughout their set. They broke out tunes from their new EP immediately after, as the light show sparkled and flashed colorful lasers that matched the mood of their extended tunes. The music of their set stretched out and had people dancing and hooping in the audience.It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon on the grounds. The venue had several stages, as well as a pond on the property. Camp fires blazed throughout the night on Friday and people were in the mood to get the party started. Cabins surrounded the venue and attendees hung out on their porches, taking it all in while chilling with friends, and making new ones.Over at the Earth stage, In Flux cranked out an intense set that rolled right along without breathing. They pushed out the notes and meshed one tune into another, captivating the audience. Guitarist, Johnny India, pulled out a spacey shred that went on for days. Early in the set they went into an acidic version of Led Zeppelin’s “Dazed and Confused.”CIA had a mood setting afternoon that woke everyone up. They took fans on a psychedelic ride through the waves of notes they threw out to the crowd. Varying from low tones to quick paced beats, the keys flowed throughout gluing their set together. They threw down with crazy horns blaring throughout.Bells and Robes’ mystical tones ebbed around the Earth stage, and then spread their musical wings across the field, pulling people in to watch. As their name suggests, they wore black flowing robes during their set, adding to the mysterious frequencies. Visually, the backdrop included deep red and purple lights behind, with ever changing displays of artistic images splashed in front, and to the sides, of the stage.Over in the VIP tent, Marco Benevento gave an incredible performance for attendees. While he performed, people played ping pong and fooled around with hula hoops, having a blast to his music. Decked out in an impressive striped suit, complete with his trademark top hat, he cranked out several tunes from his new album, including “Dropkick,” as well as Elton John’s “Bennie and The Jets.” His signature dusty bar piano tone had everyone in high spirits.Pigeons Playing Ping Pong rocked right into their set in the early evening. The venue was packed wall to wall with fans. Crammed with tasty jams full of funk and grooving vibes, they steamed along through their set. Wide open spaces left plenty of room to play with the notes during their songs, taking the jams on a wild ride. Blasting into Pearl Jam’s “Alive,” and throwing down with Phish’s “Run Like An Antelope,” clearly primed the crowd for a down and dirty dance party at the main stage.The New Deal eased into their set with chill vibes and grew into their sound as they built it up to capacity with exploding tones. The music varied from super trippy vibes to all out ball busting jams for the crowd. Anticipating notes grew throughout their set. Low, barely there sounds would explode into full on dancing mode, with arms in the air.Tipper packed the house like nobody’s business. Fans were spilling out of the building to catch his set. Musically infectious vibes were capturing the hearts and souls of everyone in the vicinity of his music. Horns were incorporated into the jams throughout his set, adding another dimension to the already glowingly electric tones.Super late night brought members of Lespecial and Formula 5, joining in with Indobox at the VIP tent for a special set crammed with number 1 songs from 1985. Attendees who were still partying past 4 am were able to catch Random Rab at the pond side Incendia stage well until 6 am.Sunday started out with good old Grateful Dead vibes as Bearly Dead got everyone into a good mood. Lee Neckritz, who wandered the festival all weekend long, and unofficial artist at large, joined in on sax during “Big Boy Pete.” Deep into their set, Holly Bowling took to the stage with the group and performed “Bertha,” followed by “The Other One” and “Golden Road,” to close out the set. Guitarist, Nick Swift, played a Nesto guitar that was finished being built while at the festival. Ernesto Hernandez, owner of Nesto Guitars, literally built a guitar while at the festival. He had a tent set up outside of the main stage entrance and worked day and night to complete the build. In addition, he also took care of repairs and string changes for all musicians throughout the weekend.Over at the Incendia stage, OTT had trippy electronic tones flowing under blue skies. This stage was set in a beautiful area of the property, right next to a small pond with a walking bridge that lead to a field where attendees could chill on the grass, if they didn’t want to be up close to the dance crowd.Back over at the barn, Humandala poured out smooth tight notes, mixed in with harder rocking tones. These guys are good and were a surprise set of the festival, drawing attendees in as they walked by. The group went into a jazzed up rocking melody that simply turned heads. Their combination of jazz tones mixed with harder beats really captivated the audience, creating layered guitar work and dialing in on the vibe that transfixed the ears, begging for more.Late afternoon got into blast off mode as Pink Talking Fish flew right into a jam sandwich of “You Enjoy Myself” stuffed in the middle with The Talking Heads “Thank You For Sending Me an Angel.” Phish’s ever favorite, “Tweezer,” also made it midway through the set and the reprise to close out their super hot performance.Fast forward to the main event that everyone was waiting for on Sunday, Medeski, Martin, Benevento & Russo on the main stage. Light percussion, combined with deep vibrant bass tones, eased into a jazzy melody crammed with psychedelic artistry. Their set was nothing but a trip around musical tones, playful jabs at experimental sounds, and grooves that kept the audience dancing the night away. After their set, music kept the party going well until 6 am.Overall, if you haven’t been to Luna Light Music and Arts Festival, put them on your list. They are still a young festival, growing and ever-changing to the needs and suggestions of the attendees. The grounds are beautiful, the visuals are stunning, and the mix of music is second to none. There is something for everyone at Luna Light. For more information, please visit their official website.Words by Sarah BourquePhotography by Scott Harris Load remaining imageslast_img

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