Watch BIG Something & DJ Logic Get ‘Beastly’ In Vulfpeck Cover

first_imgNorth Carolina natives and jam band extraordinaires BIG Something served up some extra funk last month at Cervantes’ Otherside in Denver. The sextet were joined by DJ Logic on the turntables for an extra special pre-Valentines Day celebration, and together, they threw down a “Beastly” performance.BIG Something Finalizes A Great Lineup For The BIG What? FestivalIt takes a certain kind of musical hero to go out and play the music of Vulfpeck, using an electronic saxophone nonetheless. These guys got after “Beastly” from 2011’s Mit Peck release and it’s tastefully delicious. Watch, and listen, how it all went down:For those who can’t get enough of the Vulf, the band will be making an appearance at the inaugural Fool’s Paradise this April 1-2 in St. Augustine, FL. Performing alongside Lettuce, GRiZ, Chris Robinson’s Soul Revue, The Nth Power, and Goldfish, this is one destination festival that you won’t want to miss! Tickets are on sale now and available here.last_img

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