99 cent Cycloramic app spins your iPhone 5

first_imgIf you’re comfortable performing cute parlor tricks by potentially putting your expensive iPhone 5 in harm’s way, Egos Ventures has just the app for you. Called Cycloramic, the app will autonomously spin your iPhone 5 in place if you stand the phone upright. You can imagine where the potential harm comes in.The app is intended for something more useful than a simple parlor trick: to capture panoramic video. Within the app, set the number of rotations, choose either the front or back camera, stand the phone upright, and select “Go.” The phone will somewhat slowly rotate, capturing video until the preset rotation has finished.Considering the thin base of an upright iPhone 5, the surface on which the phone is placed must be completely flat, level, and smooth. You’ll most likely have to remove your phone’s case. The Cycloramic team also notes that not all smooth surfaces will be ideal, and you should give a surface a test run beforehand.Cycloramic works how your probably expect it to. The app triggers the vibration modules in the phone in such a way that it causes the phone to spin, and sensors within the phone are able to detect how many full rotations the phone has made. It’s the same thing that causes your phone to slightly change angles when you receive a bunch of text messages in a row and your phone is on vibrate.At the moment, the only phone that can use Cycloramic is the iPhone 5 Best Price at Amazon . Amusingly, Egos notes that previous versions of the iPhone can use the app, but you will have to turn the phone manually, which doesn’t seem much different than loading the phone’s native video-recording app and spinning it yourself.If you do have an iPhone 5, or have an older iPhone and are simply curious, check out the app over on iTunes.last_img read more