Some argue Whisenhunt lucked into Warner a player

center_img Ken Whisenhunt has had six different starting quarterbacksover his five years as head coach of the ArizonaCardinals. Of a group including Matt Leinart, Kurt Warner, DerekAnderson, Max Hall, John Skelton and Kevin Kolb, onlyWarner could be considered a good passer. Is that a sign Coach Whiz is a poor judge of talent orjust a lousy coach of quarterbacks? We may find out, asMatt Leinart is set to start for the Houston Texans, and if the“one the coach let get away” plays well it will give moreammunition to people who think Arizona’s coach justdoesn’t know what he’s doing with the position. Top Stories Barnwell’s reference to John Navarre instead of JohnSkelton notwithstanding, it’s an interesting point. Notone young QB has developed into anything useful for theCardinals, a key reason the team has struggled mightily oflate. One such person is Bill Barnwell of, who writes that thedecision to go with Warner in 2009 was the only wise oneWhisenhunt’s made. When Warner retired after the 2009 season, Leinart wasseen as the starter-in-waiting. The team brought in formerBrowns colossus Derek Anderson to compete, even asAnderson was coming off of a season in which he completedjust 44.5 percent of his passes and threw an interceptionevery 18 passes. Over his four-year career in Cleveland,he had completed 52.9 percent of his passes and thrown 46touchdowns against 45 picks. In other words, Anderson wasabout as mediocre as Leinart was during his rookie season.Despite all that, Whisenhunt preferred Anderson, and cutthe former first-round pick. Anderson was arguably theworst opening day starter in football, and the teambounced between him and rookies Max Hall and John Navarrethroughout the season. Each rated among the worstquarterbacks in football. The following year, Whisenhunttraded for Kevin Kolb. Kolb was, not coincidentally, oneof the worst quarterbacks in football this season beforesuffering an injury. Whisenhunt is the primary reason whyMatt Leinart is considered a bust, and over the course ofhis career as Cardinals coach, Whisenhunt has shownvirtually no ability to pick the right startingquarterback for his team.last_img read more