first_imgMeenreagh 5k 2012  Place Race Time FirstName Surname Category Club1 831 17.40 MARK HOY SM Finn Valley A C2 832 18.21 JAMES SPEIGHT SM Finn Valley A C3 639 18.27 MARCO CONNOLLY SM Unattached 4 454 18.39 SHANE MC NULTY SM Finn Valley A C5 470 18.56 MICHAEL PENROSE M40 Finn Valley A C6 620 18.57 OISIN GALLEN JM Finn Valley A C7 641 19.03 PATRICK HYNES FOY SM Unattached8 483 19.06 MARTIN IRWIN M40 Finn Valley A C9 658 19.11 SHANE GALLAGHER JM Unattached10 463 19.11 GERARD GALLAGHER SM Finn Valley A C 11 830 19.11 TOM THOMPSON M40 Finn Valley A C12 465 19.29 NOLEEN PORTER W40 Finn Valley A C13 681 19.29 MC GLYNN PATRICK SM Finn Valley A C14 473 19.31 MICHAEL GALLAGHER M40 Finn Valley A C 15 492 19.35 RAYMOND DOHERTY M40 Finn Valley A C16 651 19.38 PATRICK PENROSE JM Finn Valley A C17 485 20.01 BRENDAN IRWIN SM Finn Valley A C18 471 21.05 MICHAEL PENROSE JUNIOR SM Finn Valley A C19 664 21.28 KIERAN MC HUGH SM Unattached20 450 21.29 ANDREW SCANLON M40 Finn Valley A C21 914 21.50 WALTER BLACKBURN SM Unattached22 854 21.54 JAMES MAGUIRE SM Unattached23 852 21.57 CATHERINE DOOHER SW Unattached24 589 22.03 NIALL GALLEN SM Unattached25 669 22.06 SHAUN BOYCE SM Unattached26 475 22.11 NOREEN BONNER W40 Finn Valley A C27 496 22.16 KEVIN MC GUIRE SM Finn Valley A C28 429 22.25 MARTIN ANDERSON M40 Finn Valley A C29 488 22.32 AILISH PATTON SW Finn Valley A C30 665 22.38 AOIBHINN MC HUGH JW Finn Valley A C31 452 22.55 ASHLEAN MC GEEHAN SW Finn Valley A C32 847 22.58 SINEAD MC CONNELL SW Unattached33 686 23.00 OLLIE REID SM Unattached34 481 23.15 MARY HIPPSLEY W40 Finn Valley A C35 927 23.21 GORDON RULE SM Unattached36 650 23.23 LAURALEE PENROSE JW Finn Valley A C37 846 23.34 EAMONN MC CONNELL SM Unattached38 434 23.43 CRONAN SCANLON SM Finn Valley A C39 838 23.45 KIERAN COYLE SM Unattached40 477 23.46 EAMONN CONOLLY SM Finn Valley A C41 886 23.48 CONOR MC GILL JM Unattached42 479 24.00 MARIA MC GONAGLE SW Finn Valley A C43 858 24.02 EVELYN MC GEEHAN SW Unattached44 433 24.13 JAMES NASH SM Finn Valley A C45 484 24.20 BARRY IRWIN SM Finn Valley A C46 697 24.45 ANDRIAN O’ DONNELL SM Unattached47 699 24.45 BRENDAN MC ELHINNEY SM Unattached48 866 25.14 CAROLINE MC GUIRE SW Unattached49 499 25.23 SINEAD KENNY SW Unattached50 425 25.27 SAMANTHA WILKINSON SW Finn Valley A C51 636 25.30 MARY HARROLD SW Unattached52 844 25.38 MARY CARLIN SW Unattached53 923 25.39 CONOR GALLAGHER JM Unattached54 652 25.52 BRIDGEEN CANNON SW Unattached55 845 26.07 JAMES PATTON JM Unattached56 933 26.12 JACK BRADLEY SM Unattached57 688 26.18 CARL HOUSTON SM Unattached58 432 26.25 KATHLEEN O MAHONEY SW Finn Valley A C59 613 26.33 MARTIN BROWNE SM Unattached60 848 26.42 HELEN MC MENAMIN SW Unattached61 868 27.01 KERRY ROWAN SW Unattached62 834 27.04 MARY MC GRANAGHAN SW CASTLEFIN63 436 27.09 KEVIN DEVLIN SM Finn Valley A C64 427 27.27 MARY MARTIN W40 Finn Valley A C65 696 27.30 ANNEMARIE GIBBONS SW Finn Valley A C66 444 27.35 KIERAN MC HALE M40 Finn Valley A C67 944 27.39 NOEL DOOLEY SM Unattached68 693 27.41 BRENDAN MARTIN SM Unattached69 437 28.02 MARGARET DOHERTY W40 Finn Valley A C70 638 28.02 PAURIC HARROLD JM Unattached71 849 28.06 LISA MC DAID SW Unattached72 999 28.09 LEONA MC GEE SW Unattached73 924 28.10 JENNIFER PEARSON SW Unattached74 867 28.13 DENISE MC GAHERN SW Unattached75 867 28.13 ANN MC BREARTY SW Unattached76 936 28.16 SEAN O’ DONNELL SM Unattached77 661 28.22 DYLAN GALLAGHER JM Unattached78 943 28.25 PATRICIA DOOLEY SW Unattached79 853 28.39 HUGO MAGUIRE SM Unattached80 875 28.44 GARY FRIEL SM Unattached81 446 28.45 BERNIE MC GUIRE SW Finn Valley A C82 431 28.45 SIOBHAN BYRNE SW Finn Valley A C83 698 28.56 DEIRDRE MC GARRIGLE SW Unattached84 822 29.03 JULIE MC NAMEE SW Unattached85 495 29.05 MARGARET MC CONNELL SW Finn Valley A C86 812 29.47 MAIREAD GALLEN SW Unattached87 925 30.00 ANDREA MC GOWAN SW Unattached88 591 30.01 BRID GALLEN SW Unattached89 859 30.05 CORINA CAMPBELL SW Unattached90 926 30.08 HILIARY PEARSON SW Unattached91 876 30.10 SIOBHAN FRIEL SW Unattached92 835 30.11 ANNMARIE O HAGAN W40 Individual93 438 30.14 SINEAD MC CRORY SW Finn Valley A C94 498 30.21 PAULA JENSEN SW Finn Valley A C95 656 30.24 CIARA MC BRIDE SW Finn Valley A C96 817 30.31 DEIRDRE BROWNE SW Unattached97 640 30.48 CORMAC SCULLY SM Unattached98 684 30.56 MARY GALLAGHER SW Unattached99 655 31.09 WENDY SCANLON SW Finn Valley A C100 820 31.35 LISA MC GLINCHEY SW Unattached101 445 31.46 MARTIN DOLAN SM Finn Valley A C102 821 31.57 DENISE MOSS SW Unattached103 840 32.07 FINTON MANGAN SM Unattached104 461 32.11 MARIE MC MENAMIN SW Finn Valley A C105 856 32.39 CONOR COLLINS JM Unattached106 441 32.40 SINEAD COLINS SW Finn Valley A C107 685 32.42 TERESA MC KELVEY SW Unattached108 645 32.45 JACK GALLAGHER JM Finn Valley A C109 449 33.10 SHARON SCANLON W40 Finn Valley A C110 860 33.21 BRIDGEEN GALLEN SW Unattached111 675 33.27 AMIEE GIBBONS JW Unattached112 435 33.51 MARIA DEVLIN SW Finn Valley A C113 668 33.56 SHAUNA PATTON SW Unattached114 662 34.08 DARRAGH GALLAGHER JM Unattached115 646 35.16 BEN GALLAGHER JM Finn Valley A C116 448 35.18 ANGELA MC CONNELL SW Individual117 934 35.18 OLLIE DOHERTY SM Unattached118 447 35.18 DARRAGH CROSSAN SM Lifford A C119 935 35.18 TOMMY MC GLINCHEY SM Unattached120 442 35.53 HELEN DOHERTY SW Finn Valley A C121 871 35.53 CHRISTOPH MC BREARTY JM Unattached122 622 35.55 JOANNE PATTON SW Unattached123 837 35.55 JOHN MC MENAMIN SM Unattached124 986 35.55 JOANNE MC MENAMIN SW Unattached125 877 36.29 KIM MARLEY JW Unattached126 677 36.29 ANDREW GALLEN JM Unattached127 680 37.11 GALLEN PATRICIA SW Unattached128 810 37.11 BETTY GALLEN SW Unattached129 841 37.16 JORDAN GALLEN JM Unattached130 430 37.55 MICHELLE MCDAID SW Finn Valley A C131 592 38.00 ABBIE GALLEN JW Unattached132 842 38.14 YAZMIN GALLEN JW Unattached133 674 38.28 ELIN GALLEN JW Unattached134 683 38.28 LOUISE HOWARD SW Unattached135 931 38.37 AOIFE DOHERTY JW Unattached136 642 38.57 PADDY GALLEN SM Unattached137 920 39.53 MEGAN GALLEN JW Unattached138 921 39.59 ANDREA GALLEN JW Unattached139 843 40.52 CLAUDIA GALLEN JW Unattached140 883 40.52 RUTH REID SW Unattached141 657 41.22 EMMA BRADLEY SW Unattached142 870 41.32 SIOBHAN MC BREARTY JW Unattached143 916 42.42 PATRICIA O’BRIEN SW Unattached144 915 42.59 YVONNE DUFFY SW Unattached145 907 43.00 PADDY KELLY SM Unattached146 908 43.01 ANN KELLY SW Unattached147 911 43.02 GLEANOIR KELLY SW Unattached148 864 43.02 BRIDGET GALLEN SW Unattached149 865 43.05 MARY MC GLINCHEY SW Unattached150 695 43.09 ANGELINA MARTIN JW Unattached151 922 43.15 JAMIE GALLEN JM Unattached152 690 43.16 BERNIE MARTIN SM Unattached153 910 43.32 SIOBHAN RUSHE SW Unattached154 909 43.33 RHONDA GILLESPIE SW Unattached155 928 44.10 ELIZ GALLEN SW Unattached156 930 44.30 EVEYLN QUINN SW Unattached157 881 44.33 BERNIE MARLEY SW Unattached158 873 44.38 PATRICK MC BEARTY SM Unattached159 673 45.05 CALVIN HARVEY JM Unattached160 882 45.05 BRONAGH BOYLE JW Unattached161 874 45.05 SHANNON FRIEL JW Unattached162 913 45.16 ALICE BOYLE SW Unattached163 929 45.25 MARY MC GILL SW Unattached164 885 45.25 OLIVIA REID SW Unattached165 932 45.49 MONINNE BRADLEY SW Unattached166 455 45.49 MARGARET REID SW Finn Valley A C167 601 46.08 AIMEE DOHERTY JW Unattached168 617 46.08 BRIAN MEEHAN SM Unattached169 919 46.08 ANN MEEHAN SW Unattached170 618 46.22 CLAIRE MEEHAN SW Unattached171 918 47.52 KAREN DILLON SW Unattached172 607 48.06 EITHNE BROWNE SW Unattached173 614 48.06 MARGARET MELAUGH W40 Unattached174 676 48.08 TOMMY GALLEN SM Unattached175 679 48.35 GALLEN ROISIN JW Unattached176 649 48.35 F SCANLON SM Unattached177 647 48.50 MARY SCANLON SW Unattached178 884 48.50 TERESA GALLAGHER SW Unattached179 643 49.10 SHANE GALLAGHER SM Finn Valley A C180 632 49.10 BRID ALEXANDER SW Unattached181 600 49.12 SALLY DOHERTY SW Unattached182 878 49.30 GERALDINE MARLEY SW Unattached183 879 50.37 FIONA BYRNE SW Unattached184 851 51.50 EAMON MOSS SM Unattached185 850 51.50 PATRICIA MOSS SW Unattached186 912 52.00 ONAGH KELLY JW Unattached187 615 52.22 KEVIN GALLEN SM Unattached188 880 52.22 CHARLIE BYRNE SM Unattached189 872 55.59 ANNIE CALLAHAN SW Unattached190 839 55.59 ANN WHITE SW Unattached191 861 56.15 PATRICK GALLEN SM Unattached192 594 58.55 BERNADET MC ELCHAR SW Unattached193 671 58.55 JOSEPHINE HARVEY SW Unattached194 937 58.55 JOHN PAT CONNOLLY SM Unattached195 634 59.07 TOMMY MC ELCHAR SM Unattached196 478 60.41 EAMON MC GARVEY M40 Individual197 863 68.22 AISLING METCALF SW Unattached198 823 68.45 LIZ GALLEN SW Unattached199 813 68.45 STEPHEN KENNY SM Unattached200 862 68.45 PATRICK REIDERBAUGH SM Unattached201 825 69.22 EILEEN METCALFE SW Unattached 202 824 69.22 TERRY METCALFE SM Unattached 203 968 70.22 LIAM GALLEN SM UnattachedTotal 203ATHLETICS: RESULTS FROM THE MEENREAGH 5K was last modified: September 3rd, 2012 by BrendaShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn 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Gallery: Cass Bell, MMA fighter by day and coach by night, announces next fight not long after returning from youth wrestling tourney

first_imgCass Bell (4-0-0), Humboldt County’s own professional MMA fighter, announced he will see the octagon again on Dec. 20.For the first time in his professional career, Bell will be fighting in a venue other than the SAP Center.Bell will fight in Honolulu, Hawaii, at a “Salute the Troops Show” put on by Bellator and the United Service Organizations (USO).Bell’s opponent for what will be his fifth professional fight has not yet been announced. Bell most recently beat Isaiah Rocha via …last_img

Showing faith in MS Dhoni, selectors have played it safe

first_imgSpeculations were rife over MS Dhoni’s limited over captaincy. Rumour mills were churning out stories in which Virat Kohli was leading the Twenty20 and the one-day international sides.But the selectors have quashed all the ambiguity. They have once again entrusted Dhoni with the task of leading the men in blue.  “We have not discussed anything about captaincy of ODIs. We are very happy in the manner Dhoni has led the side and we have total backing for Dhoni during the upcoming series,” chief national selector Sandeep Patil has said.So, India’s most successful captain will be back in action after a three-month long break from international cricket.  Also read: Gurkeerat, Aravind new faces; Jadeja dropped for SA series His first assignment will be leading his men in the three-match T20 series against South Africa, starting October 2. The selectors haven’t experimented much. They have gone ahead with men who were part of the recent scheme of things.The batting lineup looks settled and has men who have played quite a lot under Dhoni.But the doubts over the allrounder slot and the bowling lineup can be potential weaknesses for the opposition to cash in.Dhoni’s go-to-man Ravindra Jadeja has been axed once again from India’s limited over format.Also read: Fearless Team India ready for formidable South Africa – Ashwin Jadeja’s showing this year has been poor. His form with both the bat and the ball has dipped. His failure to bat with the lower-middle order in Bangladesh earlier this year did not help his cause.advertisementWith 10 wickets in 11 games and 113 runs with the bat in 2015, Jadeja never made the selectors believe that he was ‘the allrounder’ that team India needed.But his exclusion from the squad ahead of the World T20 seems to be a bit too harsh on the youngster. With six more T20Is to go before the showdown in March, Jadeja deserved one last chance. If the selectors were to discard him at this juncture, then there was no point in the investment made.The other two allrounders, Stuart Binny and Axar Patel, who are part of the T20 squad haven’t produced commanding performances.Binny hasn’t been able to repeat his IPL heroics in the international arena. He has scored 34 runs in the two T20Is he played and has managed to send one batsman walking back in the four overs he has bowled so far.  Axar Patel’s case is no different. His performance with the bat in limited over cricket is far from being passable. His ODI batting average after playing 18 matches stands at 7.71, and he has scored 18 runs in the two T20Is he has played.But his recent good outings in Zimbabwe and with the India A team should give him confidence. Dhoni will be pinning his hopes on the Kings XI player to help him fill the allrounder void.On the other hand, Karnataka pacer Sreenath Aravind inclusion is a bold move from the selectors. Aravind, who faded away from the radar since his national call-up for 2011 England tour, got back into limelight with a commanding performance in the domestic circuit. 42 wickets at an average of 17.42 were enough for the selectors to give him one more chance. His next to best economy rate in this year’s IPL did no harm to his reputation of a bankable T20 bowler.But, Aravind will be under enormous pressure when he steps into the field wearing Indian colours. The 31-year-old Karnataka pacer is expected to face a binary equation – perform or perish.He will be competing for a place in the squad with young quicks, who have been overlooked by the selectors.Umesh Yadav  and Varun Aaron have time with them. A fully-fit Mohammed Shami can’t be ignored. Yadav’s recent showing in the Sri Lanka series should give him confidence. On the other hand, Aaron has to work on his line and length and stop leaking runs.Adding hope to India’s plans is Bhuvneshwar Kumar, who will be expected to take responsibility and lead the attack. His ability to bowl yorkers at the death overs will come in handy. If Kumar clicks, then India will be well served in home conditions.Also read: Kohli and I share words, but nothing is taken to heart – Ashwin Mohit Sharma has been doing just that much to keep his place in the squad. He hasn’t made a huge impact in the T20 version so far. His ability to bowl wicket to wicket on slower pitches has earned him a call.advertisementIshant Sharma, who has been in the form of his life, hasn’t got the nod from the decision makers. Is he being looked as Test-specialist? Are the selectors right in doing so?The spin department, though, looks complete. With a veteran off spinner, an in-form young one and a leg spinner in the lineup, the South African batsmen have tough times ahead.  Not willing to experiment much, the selectors have chosen an attack that is best suited to slow, subcontinent tracks.last_img read more

Economou Takes Over Larger Part of DryShips Debt

first_imgzoom Greece-based owner of dry bulk carriers and offshore support vessels DryShips revealed that its chairman and CEO George Economou has taken over the majority of the company’s debt. Namely, a company controlled by Economou has become the lender of record under DryShips’ USD 85.1 million syndicated loan previously arranged by Germany’s HSH Nordbank.Following this transaction, entities affiliated by Economou control “the vast majority” of DryShips’ debt outstanding with total aggregate principal amount outstanding of USD 154.5 million.The company further said that the remaining debt of USD 16.5 million is associated with third party commercial lenders with which DryShips has either reached or is in discussions to reach an amicable settlement.“With more than 90% of our debt now in the hands of our founder, it is safe to conclude that the company is no longer in any danger from its lenders exercising any of their rights under the company’s existing defaults under their respective loan agreements,” Anthony Kandylidis, executive vice president and interim CFO, said.He added that DryShips is already in discussions with Economou to amend the company’s debt and regain compliance.Last month, DryShips decided to sell its preferred shares for gross proceeds of USD 20 million to British Virgin Islands-registered Kalani Investments Limited. DryShips also said it may further receive up to USD 80 million if all of the preferred warrants are exercised, for total proceeds of USD 100 million.The company said that the net proceeds from the sale would be used for general corporate purposes and/or to repay indebtedness under one or more of existing credit facilities and/or to repay indebtedness incurred under the Revolving Facility with Sifnos Shareholders Inc.last_img read more

BJP seeks police permission for sitin at Mamatas dharna spot

first_imgKolkata: The BJP’s West Bengal unit has sought permission from the Kolkata Police to conduct a dharna later this month at the same spot in the city where West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had organised a sit-in demonstration last week. The party has already sent a letter to the city police seeking permission for the dharna at the Metro Channel in the heart of the city between February 21 and 23, BJP state general secretary Sayantan Basu told PTI Monday. Also Read – Bose & Gandhi: More similar than apart, says Sugata Bose An email would also be sent to the police on this matter, he said. The “Save Democracy” dharna will raise demand of “restoring democracy in the state”, he said. Basu said, “Whenever in the past we had asked for permission to organise a sit-in demonstration at the Metro Channel, the police denied us permission citing traffic rules. But if the Trinamool Congress was allowed to organise a dharna there, why can’t we do it?” Banerjee, also the Trinamool Congress supremo, was on dharna from February 3 to 5 at the Metro channel in Esplanade area to “save the Constitution” Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: Mamata after the CBI’s failed bid to question Kolkata Police Commissioner Rajeev Kumar in connection with chit fund cases. “We hope that we will also get the permission. We will not use loudspeakers as it is examination time,” the BJP leader said. When contacted, officials of the Kolkata Police said they were yet to receive any such application from the BJP. “If we receive it, we will take a call,” a Kolkata police official said. The Metro Channel is the same spot where Banerjee had held a 26-day fast against the acquisition of farm land for the Tata Motors small car unit at Singur in 2006.last_img read more

NSD campus witnesses cultural extravaganza

first_imgAn enthusiastic audience, comprising children, parents and underprivileged kids from different NGOs witnessed some great treat as traditional art groups and special folk theatre artists weaved their magic with enchanting performances on the fourth day of the prestigious ‘Bal Sangam’ at NSD campus. Making a mark with today’s marquee performance was Changu Mangu ki Gatha (Nautanki), a special theatre performance presented by Mayur Rangmanch hailing from Allahabad. Mayur Rangmanch established in 1986 has been constantly working to preserve theatre activities. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfThe performance Changu Mangu ki Gatha (Nautanki) is a folk theatre of UP. It’s a traditional story with a moral value on how conflicts in family dominate the love and affection of blood relations resulting in the loss of near and dear ones. Among other traditional groups that graced the NSD campus with their performance included: Chokhreng Culture and Drama Society (Tripura) – a cultural organization in the state of Tripura established in1986. It has been promoting and preserving the original art of tribal folk dances of Tripura. The organization has trained more than 100 artists from different tribal communities of Tripura. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveLebang Boomani – Both men and women participate in the Lebang Boomani dance. The men use bamboo clappers called Tokkas to set a beat while the women join them by waving colourful scarves to catch the Lebang, a delicious insect. The rhythmic play of the clappers is thought to attract the Lebang out of their hiding places allowing the women to catch them. The dance is accompanied by musical instruments like the flute, Khamb, the percussion instrument Pung, and sarinda. Since its inception, Kala-O-Kalakar (Sambalpur, Odisha) has been endeavouring to create a link between the ancient and modern-art, culture and music, and is striving to promote as well as to take the responsibility of preserving the same for the future generation. Apart from this, it imparts education on drawing, painting and Odissi dance. Presided by Prof. Waman Kendre, Director, NSD, the tenth edition of the ‘Bal Sangam’ concluded on Tuesday with Manoj Joshi, eminent theatre and film actor as the chief guest, Vibha Chibber, renowned theatre and television personality as the guest of honour and M.L. Srivastava, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India as the special guest.last_img read more

ACV brings back San Juan promo on heels of Puerto Ricos posthurricane

first_img Posted by ACV brings back San Juan promo on heels of Puerto Rico’s post-hurricane message Tags: Air Canada Vacations, Puerto Rico SAN JUAN — As the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Maria approaches, Discover Puerto Rico has launched a new initiative to flip the script, from one that focuses on Maria’s devastating impact to a new message about hope and hospitality.#CoverTheProgress aims to encourage travellers and news media to share real-time island imagery and the many milestones that have led the island to achieve one of the “greatest comeback stories in tourism”. This initiative stems from the strong sentiment of the local community paired with the positive reactions from recent travellers to Puerto Rico.“Six months after Hurricane Maria hit, more than 50% of travellers said media coverage negatively impacted their view of Puerto Rico as a destination, and we’re hoping to change that as the one-year anniversary approaches,” said Brad Dean, CEO of Discover Puerto Rico. “Puerto Rico declared itself open for tourism in late December, and the local tourism industry has worked very hard for the past year to come back strong. There’s a lot to celebrate and we don’t want the one-year anniversary to set us back.”Dean also noted that while there’s still progress to be made in some areas of the island, Discover Puerto Rico is “taking this moment to encourage all audiences to help us spotlight our tourism recover and invite travellers to visit us as tourism is a vital contributor to the economy.”As part of #CoverTheProgress, local members of Humacao – one of the island’s hardest hit communities that became well known for its now viral S.O.S. image during Maria’s aftermath – have a new message to share. They teamed up with the local tourism industry to replace the aerial image with a new message that reads: “Bienvenidos!”More news:  Transat calls Groupe Mach’s latest offer “highly abusive, coercive and misleading”“We’ve been wanting to clean up that message for a while as we’re past it,” said Janet Gonzalez, resident of Humacao. “We were asked what message we’d want to share with the world and hope our new positive message spreads just as fast.”Here are a few tourism milestones achieved in recent months:• Flight capacity is on the rise with monthly seat capacity surpassing the 420,000 figure. There are currently on average 110 daily flights via 28 different airlines. By Q4, Puerto Rico is poised to be on par with 2017 levels.• There are more cruises on the island than ever before, with 14 vessels (four more than last year). Puerto Rico also has 119 cruise shore excursions currently available.• Cruise tourism in May saw the best results for that month in the last 20 years, with 107,390 cruise passengers received, up 12.9% than May 2017.• For the next cruise season, a record-breaking 1.7 million passengers are expected, which equates to approximately US$250 million in revenue.• There are currently 132 lodging options on the island.• In October 2018, 657 new rooms will be available courtesy of Dorado Beach, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve El San Juan Hotel, Curio Collection by Hilton and The St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort. In December, another 480 rooms will be available from Mélia Coco Beach, while 652 new rooms will open in January from Caribe Hilton.• The islands of Culebra and Vieques are ready to welcome visitors. There are day excursions to the islands from mainland Puerto Rico.More news:  Air Canada’s global sales update includes Managing Director, Canada & USA SalesTo reiterate the fact that Puerto Rico is open for business, Air Canada Vacations is bringing back its popular fly free to San Juan and cruise offer with Royal Caribbean International.Until Aug. 26, cruisers will receive a free roundtrip flight to San Juan when booking a balcony category stateroom or higher on select Freedom of the Seas and Jewel of the Seas cruises sailing from San Juan.The promotion is based on economy class service with a maximum savings of $380 per person from Toronto or Montreal. Guests are responsible for paying the taxes, which are approximately $150 per person.Guests departing from other Canadian gateways will receive a maximum savings of $540 per person when travelling in service class G on connecting flights, and service class F on the main flight segment.New individual bookings for cruise and flight packages must be made between Aug. 20-26, 2018, for select sailings between Oct. 28, 2018 and April 28, 2019.For more information go to For more information on travel to Puerto Rico go to Travelweek Group center_img Tweet Wednesday, August 22, 2018 << Previous PostNext Post >>last_img read more