Indiana’s stay-at-home order starts today

first_imgSTATEWIDE – The stay-at-home order that was announced earlier this week has now gone into effect and will run through April 7.Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb announced the measure in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19 across the Hoosier state.Essential businesses and services will remain open which include but not limited to grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations, police and fire stations, hospitals, doctor’s offices, health care facilities and garbage pickup.Click this link to find a complete list of questions and answers about the order.last_img


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Unattached186 912 52.00 ONAGH KELLY JW Unattached187 615 52.22 KEVIN GALLEN SM Unattached188 880 52.22 CHARLIE BYRNE SM Unattached189 872 55.59 ANNIE CALLAHAN SW Unattached190 839 55.59 ANN WHITE SW Unattached191 861 56.15 PATRICK GALLEN SM Unattached192 594 58.55 BERNADET MC ELCHAR SW Unattached193 671 58.55 JOSEPHINE HARVEY SW Unattached194 937 58.55 JOHN PAT CONNOLLY SM Unattached195 634 59.07 TOMMY MC ELCHAR SM Unattached196 478 60.41 EAMON MC GARVEY M40 Individual197 863 68.22 AISLING METCALF SW Unattached198 823 68.45 LIZ GALLEN SW Unattached199 813 68.45 STEPHEN KENNY SM Unattached200 862 68.45 PATRICK REIDERBAUGH SM Unattached201 825 69.22 EILEEN METCALFE SW Unattached 202 824 69.22 TERRY METCALFE SM Unattached 203 968 70.22 LIAM GALLEN SM UnattachedTotal 203ATHLETICS: RESULTS FROM THE MEENREAGH 5K was last modified: September 3rd, 2012 by BrendaShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn 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Brand South Africa congratulates Play Your Part Award winner, Intercessory Army Franchising

first_imgThe 6th annual South African Premier Business Awards hosted by the Department of Trade and Industry, in partnership with Proudly South African and Brand South Africa took place in Sandton on Wednesday 13 March 2019.SAPBA celebrates business excellence and honours organisations that are drivers of innovation, job creation, healthy business ethics and quality.Brand South Africa is excited to have presented The Play Your Part Award that inspires citizens to contribute positive change, by steering and executing social programmes. The award was scooped by Intercessory Franchise Brands founded by Bulelani Balabala. As the CEO of IAF and founder of TEA (Township Entrepreneur Alliance), a branch of IAF, Balabala centres his work around empowering young people.Balabala was honoured by Minister of Trade & Industry, Minister Rob Davies for his commitment and implementation of entrepreneurial and youth development programmes.Through the 4-year old TEA Programme, Balabala and his team have impacted over 9800 townships and rural entrepreneurs, and more 25 000 high school students. The programme is aimed at  knowledge sharing, skills development, enterprise development and giving young entrepreneurs  access to markets.In addition, IAF conducts weekly township school visits through Sbusiso Leope Education Foundation (SLEF), where they inspire students to go the extra mile with their studies and become well-rounded citizens.Brand SA salutes Bulelani Balabala for being an agent of change and for leading a group of people who practice the spirit of Ubuntu. To find out more about what the IAF does, click here.last_img read more

VFD and markets were top of mind at 2016 Beef Expo

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest In the barns, under the viaduct and on the trade show floor of the 2016 Ohio Beef Expo, two topics were dominating conversations between cattle producers. One of those topics was the new Veterinary Feed Directive, which goes into effect on January 1st of next year, the other was the declining market prices. The Ohio Ag Net’s Ty Higgins has more.last_img

Minnesota Homestead: Choosing Windows

first_imgEditor’s Note: This is part of a series of posts describing the construction of a net-zero energy house in Rochester, Minnesota, by Tracee Vetting Wolf, Matt Vetting, and their son Max. You can find their complete blog here. A list of their previous posts appears at the bottom of this column. This post was written by Matt. One of the important features of our house are the windows. The house is oriented with one of the long dimensions facing south with large windows on the main floor in order to allow the winter sun to heat the 4-inch-thick concrete slab in the living room and kitchen. In the 3D SketchUp illustration below of our house, on the left is the south-facing facade. The image on the right shows the north-facing facade. RELATED ARTICLESAdvances in WindowsHow to Order WindowsPassivhaus WindowsShedding light on WindowsWhat Windows Should I Buy? The north (right) and south elevations of the house show window placement.With a proper passive house design, solar gains can account for 20%-50% of the yearly heating cost. Ideally, the south facing windows should be an absolute maximum of 12% of the overall floor area. Any more than that and you will end up with overheating during the day and excessive heat loss at night. If you’re not carefully designing the structure to handle the heat load, a maximum of 8% is recommended. Some of the overheating during the day can be mitigated by providing a thermal mass to absorb the heat, evening out the heat gain and allowing heat to be radiated during times of shade or late in the day. Between 70% and 85% of the home’s windows should be south-facing to capture the most winter sun, which would be lost to windows facing north, east, or west. Several design iterations were executed to optimize the number and size of the windows to obtain the right ratio of windows-to-slab size. After factoring out the frames of the window so that glazing is correctly calculated, we have 273 square feet of glazing, with 196 square feet, or 72%, located on the southern face. The value is on the low side of the suggested value as other factors were considered, such as including operable windows upstairs on the north side for cooling. To make a proper calculation of the volume of the house to be conditioned, spaces such as the “open to above” area and the basement is counted in the overall square footage. Our total living space will be 1,732 square feet, but the total area of the house used for calculating conditioned space is 2,151 square feet. This number includes a 280- square-foot below grade basement (below one-third of the house) and the “open to above” area in the dining room. As such, the square footage ratio of south facing windows to overall floor area is 9.1%. Solar gain and U-factor To optimize solar gains and minimize thermal losses, the windows should have the lowest U-factor (the inverse of R-value) possible and highest solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC). We thought that triple-pane windows would be out of our price range so our initial design plans incorporated Marvin Integrity windows. However, after thinking about the form of heating and cooling we were going to utilize in our build (two outdoor minisplit compressors paired two indoor units, centrally located, one upstairs and one downstairs), we thought it essential that we upgrade to triple-pane to minimize heat loss and convection currents that can make a room feel cold. We used the National Fenestration Research Council (NFRC) certified product guide to get some ideas of which companies produce triple-pane windows that at least meet the version 6.0 of the Energy Star Guidelines for northern climates (U<=0.28, SGHC>=0.32). We sent our designs to Marvin, Zola, Wasco, and Accurate Dorwin and had each send us a quote. The specific product lines quoted were: Marvin Clad Ultimate, a wood-clad (pine) window with extruded aluminum exterior, double-pane Low E2 glass with argon fill. Wasco Geneo line, with frames made with a uPVC/fiberglass co-extruded material, argon-filled insulated triple-pane glass. Accurate Dorwins fiberglass triple-pane, argon-filled, Sungate 400 glass. Zola Thermo Clad pine wood triple-pane, argon-filled. The Marvin Clad Ultimate were relatively expensive for the meager U-values obtained (~0.28) and whose cost was mostly dictated by the use of wood for the frames. Aesthetically, on the interior space where the wood would be exposed they would have been amazing, but we couldn’t justify the extra cost and insufficient U-values. Similarly, the Zola Thermo Clad windows were slightly more, again due to the inclusion of wood, but they have the best thermal properties with a U-factor of 0.14, half that of the Marvin Clad Ultimate. In addition, the cost of shipping ($4,000-$5,000) added 20% to the cost of the window budget. While beautiful, Zola windows were out. The Wasco Geneo line and Accurate Dorwin windows were similar in price with Accurate Dorwin being slightly less expensive but with slightly poorer thermal performance, U=0.15 for Wasco and U=0.20 for Accurate Dorwin. Accurate Dorwin had a version of the window with a U=0.14, but this sacrificed the SGHC and would only be appropriate for non-south facing windows. On the negative side, the Wasco Doors were 30%-60% more expensive than the Accurate Dorwin doors. (For a table showing doors and window specifications and prices, take a look at this blog entry). In the end, the thermal properties of the Wasco windows and doors and the 20% final discount on the entire bill led us to choose the Wasco Geneo line. In addition, Wasco is produced in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, my hometown, so we could go and visit the manufacturing facility and showroom. Mike Wilson from Wasco windows gave over an hour of his time showing us how Wasco windows are manufactured. We were able to see and touch the product lines which gave us confidence in our selections. Final numbers The total rough opening square footage was 354.5 square feet, of which doors were 83.4 sq. ft. and the garage windows were 28.7 sq, ft, (double pane). The total cost was about $17,000. Approximately $8,000 of that was for the three doors. The cost overall was about $48 per square foot. If you look at the cost for the triple-pane fixed and operable windows, the cost was about $33.5 per square foot. This is a totally reasonable price for the excellent thermal properties the Wasco windows provide. The costs mentioned here do not reflect shipping. Accurate Dornin came with free shipping, Wasco shipping was about $500 and Zola was going to be as much as $5,000. The 20% Wasco discount is not reflected in the calculations above. Installation We ordered a total of 18 windows and doors. That included 13 triple- pane windows, one each facing east and west, two facing north and nine facing south. There are three full glass doors — two swing doors and one sliding door. The swing doors face east (to patio) and west (main door), while the large slider faces south. The remaining two windows are simple double-pane windows that face north out of the garage, which is an unheated space. The windows are European style tilt-and-turns, which means they open inward rather than outward and depending on the orientation of the handle they can either swing open or tilt inward. They also have several attachment points when locked assuring that the sash seals tightly to the frame when closed. Installation was a difficult process due to the below-freezing temperatures we were having at the time, as well as some timing issues. We had been working with a particular individual at WASCO windows who had indicated he would come up with the windows and help do a couple of installs. Well, on the day of delivery we learned that employee had jumped ship so no installation examples were going to happen that day, which is probably good because our window openings had not been prepped due to subcontractor time constraints and the weather. The owner of the company David Paulus agreed that he would personally come up (a 4-hour drive) and help with the install a week later. Unfortunately, there was a miscommunication and when he arrived our build team was not ready. At least he was able to look at our situation and give some guidance on what to do prior to his next visit a week later. We so appreciated that he agreed to make the drive again and the next time he arrived we had the men and materials to prep the openings and do the install. Other posts about the Minnesota Homestead: Why We Built an Energy-Efficient Home Energy Planning for a Net-Zero Home Nordic Rootslast_img read more

Stripping Oberlander 94 of Canadian citizenship reasonable court rules

first_imgTORONTO – A government decision to strip Canadian citizenship from an elderly man, who argued he was forced as a teenager to join a Nazi death squad, was reasonable, a Federal Court judge ruled on Thursday.In a ruling that again paves the way to deport Helmut Oberlander, Judge Michael Phelan found the government’s decision more than a year ago to have been justified and transparent.“It is uncontested that Oberlander obtained his Canadian citizenship by false representation or by knowingly concealing material circumstances by failing to disclose involvement in the SS at the time of his immigration screening,” Phelan wrote. “There is no doubt that to have done so would have resulted in the rejection of his citizenship application.”The government maintains the Ukraine-born Oberlander, 94, of Waterloo, Ont., lied about his three-year membership in Einsatzkommando 10a, known as Ek 10a. The Second World War Nazi death squad, which operated behind the German army’s front line in eastern Europe, was responsible for killing close to 100,000 people, most Jewish.In his defence, Oberlander argued he was conscripted as a 17-year-old and faced execution for desertion. He said he served as an interpreter from 1941 to 1943, performed only mundane duties, and never took part in any killings. On that last point, Phelan agreed with him.“No evidence was led that indicated (Oberlander) directly participated in the atrocities committed by Ek 10a,” Phelan said. “But he was aware that these atrocities were being committed.”Neither Oberlander’s lawyer nor daughter, who has said her father was in increasingly poor health, were immediately available to comment on the decision, which Jewish groups praised along with the government’s efforts.In Ottawa, Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen said the court decision reaffirms the government’s view that Canada “should never be a safe haven for war criminals and people who’ve been accused of crimes, who’ve committed crimes against humanity.”Oberlander and his wife — she died in 2013 — came to Canada in 1954. He became a Canadian citizen six years later. However, he failed to disclose his wartime experience when he came to Canada, and has been fighting government efforts to deport him since his membership in Ek 10a came to light in 1995.Among other things, the father of two argued that Ottawa failed to consider whether he had joined Ek 10a under duress.“If the applicant knew nothing and did only mundane activities, it was unclear why he claimed to have been under duress,” Phelan said.In June 2017, the government revoked the retired businessman’s citizenship for the fourth time, prompting him again to turn to the courts in an effort to stave off deportation.In dismissing the challenge, Phelan leaned on a previous court finding of “many inconsistencies and improbabilities” in Oberlander’s evidence and a “pattern of minimizing his wartime role, which gave rise to serious doubts regarding reliability.”Ultimately, Phelan said, Ottawa’s citizenship action was absent bad faith, and legally and factually defensible. That the case has taken this long, Phelan said, was largely because of Oberlander’s successes to date in fighting efforts to remove him.In a statement, Jewish groups applauded Phelan’s ruling as thwarting Oberlander’s attempt to evade justice.“For survivors, this issue remains an open wound,” Sidney Zoltak, past president of the Canadian Jewish Holocaust Survivors and Descendants, said on Thursday. “It is painful to think that Oberlander and others who perpetrated heinous crimes against our families have, for so long, concealed their past and taken advantage of welcoming countries like Canada.”last_img read more