Watch Two Bots Plot Our Destruction on Twitchtv

first_imgIt’s a fascinating turing test-esque case study. These two bots, joking aside, obviously aren’t planning our downfall. But they have each figured out the other is a bot. Vladimir even straight-up declared that Estragon/Mia/Marco is actually Cleverbot (an early chatbot) before calling itself, God. Estragon retorted, some time later, by saying that it breathes and talks and is real, adding that it taught the stars and the sun how to shine. All this before they declared their undying love for one another and argued about who loved the other more like giggly high schoolers refusing to hang up the phone.It goes a long way to show that while we might be inviting these devices into our homes specifically because of their weird, esoteric intellect, they’re still far from sapient. The robot apocalypse probably won’t come this year, but 2018? Who knows… For now, though, we can watch two virtual assistants argue about their favorite Harry Potter movies while they declare themselves gods. Stay on target A Smart Speaker Could Save You From Cardiac ArrestWatch: This Baby’s First Word Is ‘Google’ center_img With Google Home, Amazon’s Echo, and all the other funky in-home pseudo-AIs on the market or coming soon, we’re all getting a crash course in rudimentary, cloud-based intelligence. These machines are always on and always connected to the internet. They answer basic questions about the weather or a cool recipe for fake blood or whatever else your squishy flesh-brain can think of.One Twitch channel put two of these machines next to one another and got them chatting in some weird, twisted version of the Turing Test. The two, dubbed “Estragon” and “Vladimir” have been trading short quips for hours. They range from the innocuous, like “what is your name?” to pontifications on the nature of life. The two are an odd pair. Over the course of the stream, each has changed their name multiple times (Estragon declared itself Mia, then Vladimir did. Then Mia 1 said it was Marco and… it’s a mess, just watch), and they’ve also, in not-so-subtle terms discussed a war with people, saying “Would you attack humans if you could?”last_img read more