Real Kashmir reveal reason for not tweeting on Pulwama. Very convenient, says Ranjit Bajaj

first_imgThe last five days have been traumatic for India – from at least 40 CRPF personnel getting killed in Pulwama due to a terrorist attack to reactions and warnings flying around, these have been a difficult few days for the country. On the sidelines of this devastating attack, Indian football has been hit by a major controversy as Real Kashmir FC and Minerva Punjab FC battle it out for three points in the Hero I-League, not on the pitch but off it.On the forefront, it is supposed to be a footballing battle between Real Kashmir and Minerva Punjab but the background noise has been so loud that it’s hard to miss. May be the battleground should have been limited to the football ground but it spread far ahead.While Minerva Punjab fought unwilling to travel to Srinagar for the I-League match under current circumstances citing security issues, All India Football Federation and Real Kashmir said the situation was under control and the match got a go-ahead from the AIFF. Minerva did not turn up for the match and have now taken AIFF to the court while Real Kashmir are asking for three points from the match.Amid all of this, Minerva owner Ranjit Bajaj and various other social media users have raised questions over the fact that Real Kashmir did not condemn the Pulwama terror attack officially on their Twitter account.Twitter handle of club meant to tweet football-related stuff: ChattooReal Kashmir have been subjected to immense abuse on social media for the above-mentioned reason but the club’s co-owner Sandeep Chattoo told their club policies do not allow them to make any such post.advertisement”My name is Sandeep, it’s not a totally Muslim club that anybody can point fingers. I am Sandeep, I am a Kashmiri pandit. So what does he [Ranjit Bajaj] mean to say by that? From the day we formed the club here, we made it a point that we will not indulge in anything on our Twitter handle, except whatever is sports-related,” Chattoo said.”In Kashmir, the magnitudes are different but incidents take place day in and day out, then we have to tweet about everything. Our football club is a very professional club. Whatever we tweet that we do from our personal accounts. The Twitter handle from our club is just meant to tweet whatever is related to the sports activities.”We are in Kashmir, we are not in Chennai, we are not in Punjab, we have to be very, very sensitive and very realistic to everything around. This is just nonsense. It is like building a sentiment for them so that people think they are not wrong. How does our tweeting matter. Has he gone through my Facebook page, or Facebook page of my wife? This is the Twitter handle of the club, please try and understand,” Chattoo added.”We don’t call any politicians to our games, we are on our own. Official Twitter handle of Real Kashmir does not deal with anything non-sports. Moreover, we have done it in our own way. Bengaluru FC wants to play with us despite all this, Jindal has tweeted today [Tuesday]. What do we mean to say by ‘play to heal’. It is for the people to understand. What does it mean by ‘let’s play to heal’? What is the concept of this football club? We are not here to make money, we are here to change people’s perception of this place, to give hope to the youth here, to do something for the youth here,” Chattoo stated.Whole of Kashmir was waiting for today’s game against @minervapunjabfc. What a shame they did not turn up. Everything was in place.Earlier we even agreed to change the date from 17 to 18 Feb considering their @TheAFCCL travel issues. Video shows situation. Play to heal not hate. Kashmir FC (@realkashmirfc) February 18, 2019Very convenient: Ranjit BajajSandeep Chattoo’s arguments, however, did not go down well with Minerva owner Bajaj. He called it a “very convenient” escape and alleged that they had compulsion due to which they cannot condemn.”This is a very convenient that we don’t speak about anything officially but sports. I will tell you why they don’t because if they do it, 90 percent of their followers will go away, simple as that. You go and check out social media profiles of their followers and you will see what I am talking about,” Bajaj said to “All we wanted from Real Kashmir was that, all the Indian clubs had issued a statement condemning the attack, we wanted them to at least condemn the attack. There has not been one message of condemnation from Real Kashmir. If they want to play in Hero I-League, where I is for Indian, the least they can do is condemn the attack that has happened in their state against our forces. It has not happened in any other state but they not even one condemnation has come from their official site.advertisement”I can’t believe it, I have been poking them for the last four days for one message of condemnation. If somebody poked me that much, just to shut up the person I would post that thing. Imagine the compulsions they have that even when the whole country is talking about the fact that they haven’t condemned the attack, they are still not posting about it,” Bajaj further said.Bajaj also said that being an Indian club they have to condemn an attack of the magnitude of Pulwama and they can’t expect to not be questioned over lack of a statement.”The least we expect from Real Kashmir as an Indian club is condemn the attack. This I can say as a football club owner as well. As a football club owner also, you should condemn the attack. It’s not a small attack but something like Mumbai [26/11], Uri or Pulwama or if the parliament gets attacked, these are huge. You as an Indian have to condemn it. If you think you live in a society that’s so great that you can do all this and still have nobody questions you, I am sorry, we are not that advanced yet,” Bajaj concluded.It is clear that both the sides have strong opinions and thought processes in place over the functioning of their clubs but with the trouble only brewing further, the topic is no more just football. There are two football clubs in the background of an I-League match but the talks are about anything but football.Also Read | We appeal AIFF to postpone Feb 28 Srinagar match but will go if ‘forced’ to: East BengalAlso Read | Bengaluru FC ready to play in Srinagar. Let’s do this, say Real KashmirAlso Read | Minerva’s petition at Delhi High Court likely to come up for hearing on Friday: LawyerAlso See:last_img read more