Doc shocks soc

first_imgA Cornell-educated American doctor spoke to the Oxford Chabad Society this week about the “distressing” dangers to girls of “hooking-up”.Dr Miriam Grossman, who styles herself as “100% MD; 0% PC”, talked about “The Secret to Jewish Relationships”, a day ahead of her presentation to the House of Lords on teaching sex education.She condemned the “appalling” and “disturbing” material used in Britain to inform children of the facts of life.Dr Grossman also said that it grieved her to see the effects that casual sex had on “naive, misinformed and vulnerable” female college students.“That’s not sexist”, she said. “That’s biology”. It is this biological element, Grossman claimed, that is being left out of sex education, and leaving girls open to emotional confusion about physical relationships. In a self-proclaimed “politically incorrect” statement, she added, “A sexually active British college student is like a terminally ill patient on life-support”.However, a post-grad student from Magdalen, said that Dr Grossman has failed to pitch her talk right.The student added, “She was condescending, perhaps more suitable for an audience of fourteen year-olds”. Rabbi Eli Brackman, Co-director of the Oxford Chabad Community Centre, said, “Dr. Grossman’s talk was informative and relevant to students and the feedback was very positive, indicating students in Oxford are happy to listen to the issues she raised and will help them make the right choices in life.”last_img read more