Fall Features To Watch Before Thanksgiving

center_img Photo Courtesy of Paramount PicturesPlanes, Trains & Automobiles(Watch on: Starz)The classic that coined the phrase, “Those aren’t pillows!!!” Talk about a film full of laughs that equal out the amount of heartwarming moments. Planes, Trains & Automobiles is a Thanksgiving classic for the ages. For folks who have been living under a rock, the film stars Steve Martin, a marketing executive just looking to get home for the holidays. To “help” him through this process, Martin is teamed up with comedy alum, John Candy. The two trip, fall and smash their way across the sloshy cold roads of America in one of the funniest anti-buddy films of our time. I revisited this one recently and the heartstrings get tugged early on from Candy’s performance. Comedies these days follow a standard formula to build up the sentimental moments. P,T&A reminds you that it’s important to build the emotion early on, that way the adventure and laughs are that much more enjoyable throughout. This classic is up there with Young Frankenstein with constant repeatable laughs.  Photo Courtesy of PlaybuzzA Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (Watch on: ABC)This 1973 animated feature airs each year, but I feel it does not get as much love as It’s the Great Pumpkin and A Charlie Brown Christmas. This year you should take another look at this Charles Schulz classic. Charlie Brown has been going from zero to hero since the Xmas special. Peppermint Patty intrudes on Chuck and invites herself and all their friends over to his house for Thanksgiving dinner. Only Charlie Brown is going away for dinner. This is when Linus the wise reminds Charlie Brown that he can serve one dinner early, then attend the other. Can ol’ blockhead pull this off in time to appease his savage friends? This special also includes music by the always wonderful Vince Guaraldi Qunitet. This is the first time we hear Vince sing on a track in any Peanuts holiday special. For that alone, it’s worth a rewatch! Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more