Lottery Advertisements Banned from Moroccan Radio and Television

Rabat – A Moroccan governmental decree has finally issued a ban against the advertising of gambling in all audiovisual media.Moroccan Minister of Communication and Government Spokesman, Mustapha El Khalfi had been battling this petition for the last three years.According to a report by journal Akhbar Al Youm, in its September 3rd edition, the decree endorsees a law proposed by the Moroccan Government, in which all lottery and gambling advertisements will be banned from both public and private radio and television broadcasts. In 2012, Minister El Khalfi had requested the prohibition of any form of advertising and promotion of lotteries and gambling. However, his request became a struggle with public television channels. El Khalfi even threatened to resign from his post.According to the same report, TV channels were gaining benefits from the broadcast of these lottery publicities, claiming that over a million viewers were constantly watching them.The Minister of Communication told the journal that this law aims to raise ethics within the media sector. “This applies to women and minors. With this law, Morocco has joined the list of countries that rely on elaborated legal frameworks to protect minors and improve the image of women in the media”, affirmed the Government Spokesman. read more