Moroccos BCIJ Seizes Colombian Cocaine Networks DrugTrafficking Boat

Rabat – Morocco’s BCIJ has seized a boat loaded with cocaine in El Jadida, near Casablanca.Following the arrest of seven individuals linked to a Colombian criminal network that specializes in smuggling cocaine between Morocco, the US, Latin America, and Europe, Morocco’s Central Bureau of Judicial Intelligence (BCIJ) has found the same network trying to store cocaine in the southern Dakhla and Boujdour region and make it their base for trafficking.The BCIJ discovered that the cocaine trafficking ring was attempting to airlift cocaine using small planes between Morocco’s southern region of Dakhla, Latin America, and Europe. The preliminary investigation revealed one of the suspects received aviation training. Read Also: Morocco’s BCIJ Raids Farm Suspected of Storing, Trafficking CocaineThe organized crime group tried to establish friendships with royal gendarmes and navy officials to cover up their crimes, reported the daily Assabah.BCIJ seized materials used to power the aircraft used for cocaine trafficking, including over three tons of kerosene fuel, three large fuel pumps, two engines, and five generators. BCIJ also seized 46 barrels containing 2,700 liters of gasoline.Last Saturday, December 15, BCIJ located a farm in Boujdour, a city in the Laayoune-Sakia El Hamra region, used by the network for cocaine trafficking and storage. Saturday’s operation followed the arrest of seven individuals working with the network in El Jadida. The police seized one ton of cocaine in their possession earlier this month.1111The criminal network smuggled cocaine by sea on a merchant vessel from Latin America to Morocco, then transported the cocaine to El Jadida, near Casablanca, using a fishing vessel. read more