King Mohammed VI in Good Shape After Heart Surgery in Paris

Rabat – King Mohammed VI appears to be back to full health after experiencing a heart rate disorder two weeks ago, as he appeared in several pictures taking with Moroccans of the Diaspora during a stroll in Paris. The pictures of the King, who appeared outside of the traditional protocol, were published by an unofficial Facebook page of King Mohammed VI with more than 3.5 million fans.King Mohammed VI has been staying in Paris since late February, after he successfully underwent surgery on February 26 for his heart rate disorder, according to a communique from the royal palace. “The doctors of the King indicated that medical investigations confirm that he experienced an atrial flutter on an otherwise healthy heart,” said the communique. “The radiofrequency ablation of this arrhythmia, performed today at the Ambroise Paré clinic in Paris has normalized the heart rate,” it added. The surgery will not affect the monarch’s ability to resume his daily activities. read more