Liberia assisted by UN mission relaunches police recruitment drive

“The UN Police, in full cooperation with the leadership of the LNP, recognizes that it is crucial to give to Liberia the police that it deserves, said UN Police Commissioner Mohammed Alhassan at the launch at the LNP Headquarters in the capital Monrovia. Mr. Alhassan said that such a police force would be known for proper conduct, would protect the rights of citizens and democratic life, would be transparent and accountable to the law and would maintain a safe and secure environment for all. “It is time for a police force that is staffed by the best of the best,” he concluded. Those “best” must include more women, added Luiz Carlos da Costa, Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Operations and Rule of Law. “Though a milestone, it is not enough that the Chief of the LNP is a woman. The new LNP must have a proper gender balance,” he said. LNP Chief Beatrice Munah Sieh called on youth, particularly females, to make history by coming forward to serve their country through the police force, since the LNP has had difficulty up until now attracting the required 3,500 recruits. Since the first LNP recruitment campaign was launched on 5 May 2004, 1,633 officers, comprising qualified, existing LNP officers and new recruits have undergone training. This new recruitment drive targets 1,374 police officers and will take place simultaneously throughout the country. read more