Courtney Barnett Announces New Album & Intimate American Dates, Releases New Single [Listen]

first_imgCourtney Barnett has won over countless fans in recent years with her laid-back, deadpan take on indie rock. Now the Australian singer-songwriter and guitarist has announced the release of Tell Me How You Really Feel, the highly-anticipated follow-up to her debut LP, Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit.Slated for release on Friday, May 18th, the forthcoming album is currently available for pre-order. Barnett has also revealed that she will play a series of intimate shows at small venues in the United States in the days surrounding the album’s release. The album release run includes stops in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin, Philadelphia, Brooklyn, and Chicago. Tickets for the shows are on sale via Barnett’s website.Additionally, Barnett has dropped the first single from Tell Me How You Really Feel, a new track called “Nameless Faceless”. According to a Facebook post, the song’s lyrics were inspired by the work of beloved writer Margaret Atwood and its video was directed by Lucy Dyson (Atwood’s oft-repeated quote, “Men are afraid that women will laugh at them. Women are afraid that men will kill them” is repurposed for the tune).Courtney Barnett – “Nameless, Faceless” Courtney Barnett Album Release Tour Dates:May 6 August Hall – San Francisco, CAMay 10 The Sanctuary at Pico Union – Los Angeles, CAMay 14 Saengerrunde – Austin, TXMay 16 Union Transfer – Philadelphia, PAMay 19 Music Hall of Williamsburg – Brooklyn, NYMay 21 Chicago Cultural Center (Tiffany Dome) – Chicago, ILlast_img read more

Colombian Army and National Police Search for Illegal Refineries

first_imgBy Marian Romero/Diálogo September 25, 2017 The theft of crude from pipelines to illegally process hydrocarbon and convert it into gasoline has become a common crime in the country. It is calculated that 662 barrels of crude per day are lost this way. According to Brigadier General Alberto Tafur García, the commander of the Pegasus Task Force of the Colombian Army (ENC, per its Spanish acronym) assigned to the department of Nariño, the operation was conducted on July 27th. It required exhaustive intelligence work that led to the recovery of 40,000 gallons of oil that had been stolen from the Trans-Andean Pipeline, and 1,320 gallons of refined gasoline that had been processed. “The theft of crude has been ongoing for many years now. Some of the country’s oldest pipelines run over land and are susceptible to attacks from organized armed groups [GAO, per its Spanish acronym],” Brig. Gen. Tafur said. “They drill through the tube [in the pipeline] and install 1.5-inch valves connected to 1,000-meter-long hoses that take the stolen fuel where they want. It’s not specialized work, but it causes a lot of harm.” Through this criminal activity, GAO seek to commercialize the fuel or use it as supply in the cocaine-production process. It is a type of gasoline that is not used in vehicles due to its low-grade, although it is also sold for that purpose in some southern parts of the country. From each 42-gallon barrel of crude that is illegally extracted, only 20 percent is used, since the refining process is rudimentary and inefficient. The rest is dumped directly into the aquifer and croplands. The result has a detrimental environmental impact in the region. The actions taken by ENC in 2017 have exceeded last year’s results, with 13 illegal valves found near dwellings in various municipalities and the destruction of 77 illegal refineries, 174 distillation towers, 84 pools for storing crude, and five explosive devices that had been installed to block ENC’s advance. Also seized were 114,000 gallons of distilled gasoline and 4,718 gallons of diesel fuel, and 127,000 gallons of crude were recovered. Prevention, the best option Police Colonel Luis Quintero is the commander of the Special Hydrocarbon Operations Group in Colombia. In coordination with ENC, the group is responsible for stopping the theft and the illegal refinery. “Our work consists of preventing the commandeering of the tube by GAO. That’s why we patrol a large length of the pipeline day and night and why we do pipeline surveillance operations meter by meter,” Col. Quintero said. “We also conduct intensive intelligence work to determine the zones where this crime is more likely to occur. These operations, in coordination with the Colombian Army, led us to find this refinery in Nariño, one of the largest that we’ve found this year.” The crime of illegally extracting crude is done by perforating the pipeline to install valves connected to hoses that carry the fuel several kilometers away to illegal refineries. There, it is stored in special pools for treating the crude in distillation towers and converting it into gasoline. “Once the valve is installed, the criminals try to hide the hose underground so that we don’t get to the refineries, which can be located 500 to 3,000 meters away,” Col. Quintero said. “So far this year, we’ve seized 25,000 meters of hose that led to their respective refineries.” “One reason why it’s so hard to find the valves is that they are very close by or even inside homes,” Brig. Gen. Tafur added. “The age of the Trans-Andean Oil Pipeline has given folks enough time to settle in areas that are close to the tube.” Vulnerable pipelines The Trans-Andean Oil Pipeline is one of the oldest in the country. It carries heavy crude for 305 kilometers from Orito, in Putumayo, to the sea terminal in the municipality of Tumaco, in Nariño. The pipeline crosses mountains that are more than 3,000 meters above sea level. The Caño Limón-Coveñas Pipeline, however, is 780 kilometers long, running from the department of Arauca to the department of Sucre, along Colombia’s Caribbean coastline. “It’s hard to detect an illegal refinery not only because of the great length of the pipeline or the jungle and altitude conditions but because the Trans-Andean and Caño Limón-Coveñas pipelines carry heavy crude,” Col. Quintero said. “It’s impossible to determine a change in pressure in the flow of the tube when an illegal valve is installed, as occurs with the transportation of light fuels such as naphtha, gasoline, or natural gas.” On the other hand, the theft of crude and its refinement are done simply and in an artisanal way. The tube is perforated with a household drill to install a stopcock commonly used for water. The distillation towers are built with mesh and 55-gallon containers. With a bit of heat, the process of distilling crude to turn it into gasoline begins. “The challenge to overcoming this persistent crime lays in reinforcing our joint intelligence work for removing some of the homes that have been built illegally over the pipeline,” Brig. Gen. Tafur concluded. “At times, it may be the case that no one lives in the dwelling but that is where the valve is located.”last_img read more

Why Apple is breaking a 15-year partnership with Intel on its Macs

first_img“Apple Silicon is totally in keeping with the strategic goal of Apple to really control an entire stack,” CCS Insight analyst Wayne Lam said. “Now computing, they own everything from silicon to the software to how the user moves the mouse around, so it’s tremendously integrated.”Controlling its own technologies helps Apple integrate its products more deeply. It also means that it controls its own schedule — chips take 3 years to develop, Apple senior vice president Johny Srouji said last year — and has more control over costs.“Apple thinks they can innovate faster than the standard business model of Intel or Qualcomm doing the development on chips and then they build on top of it,” Lam said.Intel is falling behind in manufacturing. Apple proudly said on Tuesday that the M1 chip in the new Macs uses 5-nanometer transistors.“Five-nanometer is the leading edge of process technology right now and there are only a few products out at this point,” Gartner analyst Jon Erensen said. Currently, Intel is shipping chips with 10-nanometer transistors.In general, the more transistors a chipmaker can fit into the same space, the more efficient the chip is. Currently, Intel ships chips only with 10-nanometer transistors.Intel famously controls its own factories, called “fabs,” around the world, compared to Apple, which contracts with companies in Asia to manufacture chips to its own specifications. But Apple’s chip manufacturing partner, TSMC, can make 5-nanometer chips while Intel can’t.“Intel’s had some challenges over the last couple of years on the manufacturing side. And I think those challenges have opened a window or opportunity for ARM-based designs for come in. Apple is one of the the best ARM-based processor designers out there,” Gartner analyst Jon Erensen said.Earlier this year, Intel CEO Bob Swan said that it was considering outsourcing its manufacturing, like what Apple does.“With the challenges that Intel has had moving to 10-nanometer and 7-nanometer while foundries like TSMC and Samsung have pushed more aggressively, it’s taken one of Intel’s key advantages and leveled the playing field a bit,” Erensen said.More battery life, potentially better performance, and laptops that work like phones. Apple says that the M1 Macs are better products than the older models, mainly because Apple claims its chips enbable better performance and longer battery life than it could achieve using Intel’s chips.It’s clear that the new Macs will have improved battery life. Apple’s previous chips have been used in smartphones and tablets, which have significantly smaller batteries.During Apple’s launch event on Tuesday, the company emphasized how it mainly evaluates chips on performance per watt, not raw performance.On the entry-level MacBook Air, Apple says that it can manage 15 hours of web browsing on one charge, nearly 30% more than the advertised 10 to 11 hour battery life of the previous Intel-based model.The new Macs also work more like phones or tablets, Apple said, with features like the ability to wake up from sleep instantly. The new M1 Macs can even run iPhone apps, if the developer takes a few steps to make them available on Apple’s App Store.However, analysts warn that Apple’s performance claims, like that it is faster than comparable PCs, will need to be tested once the computers hit shelves next week.“Performance of the new M1 chip is nearly impossible to gauge as the company didn’t provide any detailed substantiation around any of the performance claims made,” Moor Insights founder Patrick Moorhead said.Apple did not stop selling Intel laptops on Tuesday, and its highest-end laptops are still Intel-based, suggesting that there are still performance advantages to some Intel chips. Apple is the fourth-largest PC maker measured by shipments, according to a Gartner estimate, so its plan to use its own chips in its entire lineup of laptops and desktops, first announced in June, is a blow for Intel.Apple’s chips are based on ARM technology, as opposed to the x86 architecture that Intel’s chips use. ARM was originally designed for mobile devices, and chips built with ARM designs are consistently more efficient, leading to longer battery life. On a laptop, that could mean several extra hours away from the plug.But that’s only one reason why Apple is switching out the brains of its laptops. Here’s a rundown of why Apple made the move:- Advertisement – Apple announced three new Mac computers on Tuesday: a MacBook Air, a 13-inch MacBook Pro, and a Mac Mini. They essentially look the same as their predecessors.What’s new this time is the chip that runs them. Now they’re powered by Apple’s M1 chip instead of Intel processors. Tuesday’s announcement marks the end of a 15-year run where Intel processors powered Apple’s laptops and desktops, and a big shift for the semiconductor industry.- Advertisement – Apple’s strategy of owning core technologies. Apple CEO Tim Cook has frequently said that the company has a “long-term strategy of owning and controlling the primary technologies behind the products we make.”For a computer hardware company, there are few technologies less essential than the silicon processors that the machines run on.Apple has invested heavily in its silicon department, including major purchases, starting with a $278 million purchase of P. A. Semi in 2008, which started the department, and most recently, $1 billion for part of Intel’s modem business in 2019. It’s been building its own A-series chips for iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches since 2010. Now it’s essentially bringing the same technology to laptops and desktops, meaning that all Apple computers basically run on the same framework.- Advertisement – – Advertisement –last_img read more

How many botched cases would it take to end euthanasia of the vulnerable?

first_imgWashington Post 24 January 2018Family First Comment: And that’s the key question… “As bioethicists David Miller and Scott Kim of the National Institutes of Health note in a recent paper , “Dutch physicians . . . report difficulty in applying the [euthanasia] laws,” especially when it comes to judging patients’ volition and deciding whether there is any “reasonable alternative” to euthanasia. Between 2012 and 2016 , Miller and Kim reported, there were 33 cases in which Dutch regulators found that doctors had broken at least one rule while ending a person’s life, though not so flagrantly as to warrant criminal referral. Pro-euthanasia activist doctors were overrepresented in problematic cases. “In some cases, physicians knowingly pushed the limits of [the] law,” Miller and Kim noted.” Exactly. Make a submission against euthanasia – euthanasia of mentally ill or cognitively impaired patients is inherently controversial. Given the risk of fatal error, how many botched cases would it take to discredit the practice completely?If you said “any number greater than zero,” you would be interested in the physician-assisted death of a 74-year-old woman with dementia in the Netherlands in 2016. The circumstances were so disturbing, even the Dutch regulatory body that retrospectively reviews, and usually rubber-stamps, euthanasias could not countenance it.The patient, referred to in official documents only as “2016-85,” had made an advance directive requesting euthanasia in case of dementia. But the directive was ambiguously worded, and she was no longer able to clarify her wishes by the time she was placed in a nursing home — though her husband did request euthanasia for her.Despite the lack of a clear expression from the patient, a physician concluded her suffering was unbearable and incurable — though there was no terminal physical illness — and prepared a lethal injection.To ensure the patient’s compliance, the doctor gave her coffee spiked with a sedative, and, when the woman still recoiled from the needle, asked family members to hold her down. After 15 minutes were spent by the doctor trying to find a vein, the lethal infusion flowed.Neither voluntary, painless nor dignified, this physician-assisted death has become the first ever referred to prosecutors by the Dutch regulatory commission — with, so far, unknown consequences.READ MORE: read more

O’Connell impressed by new coaches

first_imgPaul O’Connell has given his seal of approval to the new Ireland coaching team headed up by former Leinster boss Joe Schmidt. O’Connell was among a group of more than 40 players to be involved in a national squad training camp with Schmidt that ended on Monday. It was the first chance for Schmidt, his fellow New Zealander John Plumtree and Australian Les Kiss to assess resources ahead of the Guinness Series in November that features appointments with Samoa, Australia and New Zealand on successive weekends. “We found out last season that you are only a few injuries away from being made a little bit vulnerable, so we have got to try to build that depth. “If we can build that it will give us a little bit more stability going forward, and we can be a little bit more regular with our team performance. “Hopefully, we can gain the consistency that enables us to be really competitive, no matter who we have available to us. “Coming from 33 games a season (with Leinster) to 10 maximum (with Ireland) and all 10 of them are effectively finals, you don’t do anything other than pick your top side. “We’ve tried to kind of learn a bit more about the experienced guys in this camp, with a sprinkling of younger guys, and we’ve also spoken to a number of younger players and given them the encouragement that we are watching them and we are hoping they continue to develop. “You are always learning about players and about what is best for them and their preparation, and it is the same for players. They are always learning and tweaking things.” Kiss took interim charge for a successful two-Test summer tour to North America and Canada, but that followed a disappointing RBS 6 Nations campaign. Although Ireland began the tournament by beating eventual champions Wales in Cardiff, they did not win another game, drawing against France and losing to England, Scotland and Italy. “Any time you work with someone new and as successful a coach as Joe Schmidt, it is always a good thing,” former Ireland captain O’Connell said. “We’ve only had a small number of sessions with him, but they have been really enjoyable and stimulating. “Joe has a tried and trusted way of running his coaching staff and running the teams he coaches, and you look at the success he has had with Leinster over the last number of years and it is hard not to trust that. “This is our first time working with John, and he has a great rugby CV, having worked in so many great places, particularly Wellington and with the Sharks (in South Africa) for the last number of years.” Schmidt twice led Leinster to Heineken Cup final triumphs, but he has now arrived on the international stage after succeeding Declan Kidney on a three-year contract that incorporates the 2015 World Cup. His first match in charge of Ireland will be against Samoa in Dublin on November 9. “I know the Guinness Series is only weeks away now, and those weeks tend to go very quickly when you are watching a lot of rugby and a lot of footage,” Schmidt told reporters. “There are obviously challenges to build strength and depth in a number of positions. Some of those positions are well known, but right from the back to the front of the team you want to build strength in depth. Press Associationlast_img read more

Men’s volleyball sweeps UCSB Gauchos

first_imgThe No. 1 USC Trojans continued their five-match road trip with a 25-20, 25-22, 25-22 sweep at No. 6 UC Santa Barbara on Wednesday.The Trojans (5-0, 5-0) continued to show their outstanding attacking efficiency, finishing the first set with a blazing hot .625 hitting percentage and finishing the match with a .493 hitting percentage in comparison to the Gauchos’ (4-3, 2-2) .337.Win streak · Senior setter Riley McKibbin has played a vital role in leading the Trojans to a 5-0 start — the program’s best since 1994. – Brandon Hui | Daily Trojan Senior opposite and co-captain Murphy Troy led the charge with 12 kills, finishing with a remarkable .632 hitting percentage and no hitting errors.Junior outside hitter Tony Ciarelli finished with nine kills and six digs.“They had some good point runs in the second and third sets,” said USC coach Bill Ferguson. “They came off some quick spurts at the service line for them. It’s not much to worry about.”Passing was deft, leading to a high number of opportunities to attack for the Trojans’ two talented middle blockers. Senior middle blocker Austin Zahn finished with seven kills on 11 attempts and junior middle blocker Steven Shandrick finished with seven kills on 10 attempts.“I really liked that we ran them, and the both did really well,” Ferguson said. “Especially since Austin had a guy committed to him all night.”Sophomore outside hitter Maddison McKibbin provided a huge block in the third set on Irons. He also had a key dig at the 22-20 mark in transition that gave the Trojans a three-point cushion.“Maddy came in and did very well, and had a huge effect on two crucial points,” Ferguson said. “Our two-headed monster with [McKibbin] and [Senior outside hitter] Tri Bourne is huge.”The Trojans also targeted Gauchos senior outside hitter Jeff Menzel in an effort to neutralize his offensive talents.Senior setter and co-captain Riley McKibbin set the tone for the defense with a stiff block on Menzel on his first attempt.“Although he’s not that tall, he had a huge block on Menzel,” Ferguson said. “And with Riley being the shorter guy, it really got in his head.”The Trojans continued the effort with strong serving from Troy.“Murphy did a great job serving him,” Ferguson said. “He made it tough for him to pass and that made it difficult for him to attack.”The Trojans outdug the Gauchos 29-21 and outblocked them 11-6. Freshman libero Henry Cassiday continued his impressive inaugural season, tallying nine digs.Ferguson, however, was not impressed by his team’s defensive execution.“We didn’t dig as well as we could have,” Ferguson said. “We missed about seven opportunities that I thought were easy plays, but we were a little bit out of position or made a wrong move. Just something to keep an eye on.”last_img read more

Pollock, Betts launch 3-run homers, Dodgers beat Giants 6-2

first_img WATCH US LIVE Last Updated: 10th August, 2020 11:09 IST Pollock, Betts Launch 3-run Homers, Dodgers Beat Giants 6-2 AJ Pollock and Mookie Betts each hit a three-run homer, rallying the Los Angeles Dodgers past the San Francisco Giants 6-2 on Sunday. AJ Pollock and Mookie Betts each hit a three-run homer, rallying the Los Angeles Dodgers past the San Francisco Giants 6-2 on Sunday. The Dodgers have won nine of 12, and took two out of three from their NL West rivals. Their 29 homers lead the majors.With the Dodgers trailing 2-0, Cody Bellinger singled off Giants starter Kevin Gausman with one out and Justin Turner followed with a single off submariner Tyler Rogers (3-3) in the seventh. Max Muncy took a called third strike, but Pollock sent a 3-2 pitch to left-center for his fourth homer and a 3-2 lead.In the eighth, Will Smith drew a leadoff walk and Kiké Hernández followed with a double off Caleb Baragar. They scored on Betts’ shot to left-center after he was hitless in his first three at-bats, making it 6-2.The Dodgers had seven hits a day after getting two in a 5-4 loss. Jake McGee (1-0) got the victory with one strikeout in one inning. Mike Yastrzemski snapped a scoreless tie with a two-run single in the fifth, giving the Giants a 2-0 lead.Yastrzemski had one of two hits for the Giants, who put just two runners on base via walks through the first four innings against Walker Buehler. In the fifth, Pablo Sandoval walked and Buehler hit Austin Slater with a pitch, putting two Giants runners on base in the same inning for the first time. They moved up on Buehler’s wild pitch.After Tyler Heineman struck out, Yastrzemski stroked a two-strike single to center, scoring Sandoval and Slater.Buehler gave up two runs and one hit in 5 2/3 innings. He struck out six and walked four, but was inconsistent in his third start of the season. The right-hander issued a four-pitch walk to Yastrzemski to open the game and was wild, high and outside, until settling down. Buehler retired the side in the second and fourth before the Giants struck in the fifth.San Francisco’s Donovan Solano, the leading hitter in the majors, extended his career-best hitting streak to 14 games with a single in the eighth. Gausman allowed one run and three hits in 6 1/3 innings. He struck out six and walked none.TRAINER’S ROOMGiants: RHP Jordan Humphreys was placed on the restricted list for family reasons. … LHP Jarlin Garcia was reinstated from the 60-day IL. Dodgers: SS Corey Seager, who left Friday’s game with lower back discomfort, is not being considered for the injured list. Instead, the team wants to give him a few days and reassess how he feels.GIANTS MOVESSan Francisco acquired OF Luis Basabe from the Chicago White Sox for cash. Basabe hit .248 with 104 doubles, 40 triples, 44 homers, 257 RBIs and 116 stolen bases in 598 career minor league games with the Red Sox and White Sox organizations. He will report to the alternate training site in Sacramento. RHP Trevor Cahil was added to the taxi squad. LHP Andrew Suarez was optioned to Sacramento and added to the taxi squad. INF Abiatal Avelino was designated for assignment. Written By FOLLOW US COMMENTcenter_img Associated Press Television News First Published: 10th August, 2020 11:09 IST LIVE TV SUBSCRIBE TO USlast_img read more

Nissan Auto Parts supports Ada Sailing Race

first_imgAuto Parts Ltd, importers of Nissan cars in Ghana has for the fourth year running collaborated with Mercury Ghana, dealers of Mercury Outboard Motors and Accessories and Quicksilver Boats to support this year’s Ada Sailing Race.The annual event which attracts the expats and diplomatic community as well as Ghanaians who love water sport promises to be very exciting this year.Already the sailors, all of whom are members of the Ada Sailing Race are warming up for this keenly contested race.Just as it was done last year, fisher folks would be roped into the race  in canoe peddling to compete for the AR Accad (the demised chairman of the Accad Group of companies) Award to spice up the programme.The Group Marketing Manager of Auto Parts Ltd, Mr Chris Tsegah says driving a Nissan is just as fun and adventurous as water sports is.He said it is the vision of the company to revive water sports  and make it just as exciting as the other major sports in Ghana such as Football. For this year’s sailing race, there are 18 boats taking part (the most ever) with each boat having a crew of 2, but there are a few taking their families on the adventure. The race is expected to start at the Ada Sailing club. The boats will sail up the Volta River up to 25 kilometres through the Ada Estuary, past divers and fishing villages to Sogakope.The 18 boats will sail from Sogakope to a private island in the mouth of the estuary with the help of the wind.Mr Tsegah expects this year’s competition to be more exciting with the boats going upwind often with one hull clean out of the water and the possibility of few cap-sizes. The boats will finish with a circuit of the private island for the spectators including media to cheer them up, after which the MD of Auto Parts Ltd, Mr Subhi Accad will be joined by other senior management personnel of the company plus other diplomats to present trophies to the winners.last_img read more

Keynan Middleton added to list of Angels pitchers with UCL injuries

first_imgEven if the Angels opt for non-surgical treatment, like stem-cell therapy, Middleton would be out for a matter of months.Middleton is the sixth Angels pitcher to have some degree of UCL damage since August 2014, when Tyler Skaggs underwent Tommy John surgery. In April 2016, both Garrett Richards and Andrew Heaney suffered UCL injuries and underwent stem-cell therapy.In Richards’ case, it successfully healed the ligament, although he came down with a separate injury the next year. Heaney ended up having Tommy John surgery. Nick Tropeano, who was diagnosed with a damaged UCL in July 2016, ended up having Tommy John surgery in August.Last year, JC Ramírez was injured in August. He appeared to be a stem-cell therapy success story until last month, when the ligament gave way and he succumbed to surgery.Although at first blush it seems the Angels have had a poor track record with keeping their pitchers healthy, it’s an industry-wide issue. General Manager Billy Eppler last year cited statistics that the Angels were in the middle of the pack with regard to pitching injuries. ANAHEIM — A day after Keynan Middleton walked off the mound with a sore elbow, the MRI exam came back with the bad news.Middleton has a damaged ulnar collateral ligament and will seek a second opinion, the Angels announced on Monday.Pending that opinion, there is no prognosis for the type of treatment or the amount of time Middleton will miss. Depending on the type of damage to his UCL, Middleton could be headed for Tommy John surgery and a rehab of 12-18 months.“It’s tough news, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves,” Manager Mike Scioscia said. “Let’s take it one step at a time.” Jose Suarez’s rocky start sinks Angels in loss to Astros The Angels have tried changing personnel with the medical and training staffs, including a significant staff makeover between 2016 and 2017.Related Articles Angels’ Shohei Ohtani spending downtime working in outfield Newsroom GuidelinesNews TipsContact UsReport an Errorcenter_img Mike Trout, with bat and glove, helps Angels end losing streak Angels offense breaks out to split doubleheader with Astros “I know our medical department is on the cutting edge of everything that’s out there,” Scioscia said. “Since I’ve been here, the first 12 years really no Tommy Johns, and in the last couple years we’ve got hit with some. Billy is looking into everything. The medical department is looking into everything, as all of baseball is.”Middleton’s absence, for however long, is a blow to a bullpen that has been in flux. Middleton has a team-leading six saves and a 2.04 ERA. He had emerged as Scioscia’s preferred closer, although the manager had never publicly named him the closer.Jim Johnson, Cam Bedrosian and Blake Parker have all closed games at various times for the Angels. Even rookie Justin Anderson, who has been dominant at times, got an opportunity to close, but he couldn’t convert.“I think we have a lot of guys,” Scioscia said. “I don’t think we ever had one guy that was the ninth-inning guy. We’ve got some guys in the back end who are going to have to get outs for us. How they line up in a certain game will be dictated by how the game unfolds and the match-ups. We’re confident we have the arms down there that will get the outs we need.”If the Angels look outside the organization for bullpen help – as they might have done even before Middleton’s injury – pitchers like the Kansas City Royals’ Kelvin Herrera and the Tampa Bay Rays’ Alex Colome figure to be available. Generally, it’s difficult to make those type of trades this early without overpaying, though.ALSOThe Angels recalled right-hander Felix Peña from Triple-A to take Middleton’s roster spot. Peña had competed for a spot in the bullpen during spring training, but the Angels moved him to the rotation at Triple-A last month. “He’s throwing the ball very well,” Scioscia said. “There is no doubt he can come in and give us the two-plus, three-plus innings to give us a bridge to get to certain matchups later in the game.” …Blake Wood (elbow impingement) pitched a scoreless inning in a rehab assignment for Class-A Inland Empire on Monday. Wood could be activated any day, or he might pitch again in the minors. …Parker Bridwell (elbow inflammation), who has been on the Triple-A disabled list, pitched on Saturday at extended spring training in Arizona. He is scheduled to return to action at Triple-A on Friday, according to Eppler. …Matt Shoemaker said he has two days worth of appointments scheduled with a nerve specialist in Missouri, on Wednesday and Thursday.Sign up for Home Turf and get 3 exclusive stories every SoCal sports fan must read, sent daily. Subscribe here. Clippers, Mavericks brace for the unknown in Game 4 last_img read more

Dallas Stars’ Jim Nill, Rick Bowness address head coach Jim Montgomery’s dismissal: ‘It’s a huge shock’

first_imgGetting it going for morning skate. ☕️#NJDvsDAL | #GoStars— Dallas Stars (@DallasStars) December 10, 2019Bowness’ NHL coaching resume dates back to Winnipeg in 1984 where he served as an assistant coach for the Jets. His longest head coaching tenure came with the Ottawa Senators from 1992-96 with a 39-178-18 record. Five of his nine seasons as a head coach in the NHL were incomplete due to mid-season replacements making this season the sixth out of ten. While there probably won’t be any philosophical changes, Bowness did bring up that he’s been out of the head coaching game for a while.”Man, I haven’t run a bench in 16 years,” he told his players. “So let’s try to be a little patient out there today but we’ll figure it all out as we go along.” The Stars face the New Jersey Devils (9-15-5) and their interim head coach Alain Nasreddine at 8:30 p.m. ET in Dallas on Tuesday. You can watch the full press conference by clicking here. Following the rather surprising dismissal of head coach Jim Montgomery Tuesday morning, Dallas Stars general manager Jim Nill held a press conference to offer some insight on the announcement.”I was made aware of a situation over the weekend involving an employee of the Dallas Stars organization,” Nill began. “Once I received all the information, we sat down, we had to digest everything and as I mentioned, we talked to general counsel and everything else and we made our decision.”Nill did divulge that he caught wind of the undisclosed incident this weekend via phone call and that the incident itself took place “a few days before that” with an investigation beginning on Sunday. He insisted that no players or staff — past or present — were involved in the incident.MORE: Gary Bettman outlines new policies following recent abuse allegationsReiterating the reports from TSN’s Pierre LeBrun and Darren Dreger that Montgomery’s firing was not related to abuse allegations or anything else covered under the NHL’s umbrella of new policies, Nill offered the team’s full support of the new initiative. The initial press release was clear in that the “decision was made due to unprofessional conduct inconsistent with the core values and beliefs of the Dallas Stars and the National Hockey League.”The GM took on the onus of initially hiring Montgomery but shared that the proper steps needed to be taken and that doing the right thing was more important for the organization than his saving face. Nill and Montgomery did meet Tuesday but could not divulge what they discussed aside from saying that both sides were disappointed.Departed coaches: Mike Babcock | Bill Peters | John HynesAfter starting the season 1-7-1, the Stars went on a dominant 14-1-1 stretch and currently sit fourth place in the Central Division (17-11-3). Nill was asked about the team’s reaction to the news and how their performance might change in the coming games.”I spoke to the team today and they are very surprised but we are very fortunate. We have a good team . . . we have great leadership and they’re going to get over this. . . . It’s a bump in the road and they’re going to digest this and we’ll move forward and go from there,” adding that “this was a total surprise,” for himself.”It’s a huge shock,” said long-time NHL coach Rick Bowness, who was elevated to interim head coach with the news. “Usually when a coach takes over a team, they’re struggling or they’re in the process of selling everybody for next year or they finish in the bottom of the league — which I have been a part of too many times. But I’m in a fortunate position that Monty, who was an excellent coach, has got this team playing very, very well. “The shock, yeah we have to deal with it, and that shock will not wear over just because there’s a game. That’s going to stay with us for a while because we are all very close to Monty and we all work very close to Monty and he’s very close to the players.”last_img read more